Outdoor Wedding : To Tent Or Not?

Outdoor wedding huh? What if Mother Nature decides to unleash its inclement weather? The solution – TENT WEDDINGS! While that does sound awful, tent weddings are not ugly nor basic, no siree! In fact, it is beautiful, especially when you realise you can personalise the wedding according to your theme! So here are a few tent styles you can opt for to complement your wedding setup!

Fairy Lights


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Create an enchanting evening with a crystal clear tent BUT, here’s the catch – hang a beautiful amount of fairy lights! You can create an intimate space with it and it will create an unforgettable vibe.



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Add some boho element to your wedding by setting up an amazing teepee inspired tent! It’s definitely going to be one cozy tent that you’ll never want to leave it!



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When in doubt, go for drapes cause drapes never fail you! Drapes give such a polished yet dramatic effect! Best part is, you can opt for the colours of your choice.



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You know those beautiful tents we see in movies when they’re in Dubai? YES, THAT’S RIGHT! This will definitely set the wedding mood straight as it’s far from the sweet rustic looking tent we usually go for!



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It doesn’t hurt anyone to go a little bit vintage, does it? Instead of getting a humongous tent, have a totally different setting and set up umbrellas or mini tents for your guest with some gorgeous looking furniture! Then, just rent out a huge stage or dance floor in the middle! It all sounds very aesthetic and will be visually pleasing!



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You want a simple tent? Alright, no harm in that! The clean and elegant look is something no one or thing can go wrong with!

If you’re thinking of having a tent wedding or an outdoor event with tents, have it at Setia City or Puteh at Subang. Their outdoor space is large enough for you to set up tents, decor and more!


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It’s always better to prepare the umbrella for when and if it does rain! Plus, you wouldn’t want to ruin the amazing time you’ll be having! If you need any help in planning the wedding and setting up your beautiful tent, give us a call at +6 016 7200 347 or visit www.venuescape.my for more venues!