How To Plan The Perfect Start-Up Launch Party!

With many start-ups emerging, we have offered our services in lending a helping hand to these start-ups in organising the best start-up party! No idea what a start-up is? As our friends in Wikipedia so succinctly puts it, a start-up company is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.

Just like us here at Venuescape 🙂

Throwing an event, party or a get-together is the best way to get your brand out there, meet new clients, and of course, to celebrate the birth of your baby! Here are a few tips from us on hosting and planning the best start-up party, speaking from experience of course.



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First things first, decide what is the whole point of the part? What are you hoping to achieve from this launch/party? Is it for brand recognition? Perhaps you’re looking to raise fund? Or are you simply looking for like-minded people to venture into this journey together?

Not forgetting the most important fact would be to increase brand awareness. Therefore, set your objectives straight, and give it your all in ensuring you meet each one of them.

2. Finding The Perfect Venue


We’ve said this before, time and time again and will continue saying it – the venue MUST be well suited to set the right ambience for your event. The never ending struggle in finding THE venue that says WOW but also fits the image of your event well is difficult no doubt.

That’s how we came about too – we noticed the vacuum and took matters into our own hands! For our launch almost a year ago, we did it in Glasshouse at Seputeh (pictured bottom left above)! Read about Venuescape’s launch here.

V for venues, V for Venuescape! Leave it to us to find you the best venue. Just get in touch with us here and leave a detailed brief – sit, back and relax and we will call you for a FREE consultation!

3. Invitation


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Remember, the first impressions DOES matter. Then again, there’s no harm, playing the mystery card. So whether you’re going for something simple or elegant, make sure you pay attention to the details.

Or you could be kind to mother nature and go green – ditch the physical cards, instead send out e-invites!

4. Budget


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You want the best of the best! This is THE party! It’s finally happening We know being a start-up company is hard work. Dear brothers and sisters, know your budget! While it’s tough to plan a LEGENDARY startup party, but it’s doable – set a budget and work around it!

5. Guest List


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Think carefully about who you want in the room, celebrating one of your biggest milestones. Like writing an article, always think about your audience. Just remember the purpose of your event, and you’ll get it! Don’t forget the ones that helped you get here along the way! But be sure to extend invitations to partners, suppliers, vendors, clients, and to our friends in the media!

6. Spread The Good Word


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Want to spread the word? Well, while word of the mouth is great, the world of social media is greater! You can create hype about your event across all social media platforms! Upload photos of the event and show how much fun you guys are having! Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram – use them all!

All is well – so just keep that positive energy flowing and remember to have a backup plan because you can never be too careful! If you need the extra hand, don’t shy away and give us a call at +6 016 7200 347 or just drop us a text on WhatsApp! You can also browse through more venues in both KL and Penang on!