Save On Venue And Spend On Decor For Your Wedding

If you have to split your cash and decide, we say save on venue cost and splurge on decor because there’s nothing beautiful decoration cannot do. We’ve seen it, experimented with it and executed it! Most people would think a beautiful venue would mean less money needs to be spent on decor but truth be told, it’s cheaper to get a bare venue and spend on decor instead. Or, DIY some of them if you need to!

Here are 5 before and after images of the venue and we hope this convinces you to spend more attention on decor instead on looking for a perfect venue.

Space Seven 

Here’s how Space Seven looks before an event. Their bare space is already elegant on its own and they have the perfect foundation for you to spice it up. You’re free to dress it the floor up with carpet, faux grass, red carpet or leave it as it is!




Voila! You can have a fairytale or a garden themed wedding here once you splurge on the decor! The snowy white carpet, curtain and backdrop made out of greenery make it look dreamy and the red carpet creates a glamorous look.

Did you notice what these two events have in common? They used floral decors for that romantic touch.

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Skyforest @ Acappella Suite Hotel

Skyforest at Acappella Suite Hotel is a completely bare and naked space which is surrounded by ample full-length window panels. Keeping that in mind, their venue is ideal for hosting daytime events as ample of sunlight will be bathing the space.





Look how unrecognisable the venue can look once you spruce it up! Whether you’re looking to go for a dreamy, romantic, rustic or elegant theme, the space is more than ready to accommodate your wedding style.

It’s the attention to details that make your theme come to live and decor which speaks volumes!

Make your booking here if you love Skyforest!

Glasshouse At Seputeh

Okay, Glasshouse is an exception because their venue is already beautiful on its own. But look how much more breathtaking it can be when the right type of decor is used. Decor does not only complement the space, but it also re-emphasizes the theme!




Whether you’re planning to have your ROM, Wedding Reception, Engagement Party or a Wedding Luncheon, we know that Glasshouse would be the PERFECT fit for day to night events. By day the venue looks dreamy, soft and romantic when neutral colours are used. By night it can be transformed into an elegant and sophisticated space.

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Slate At The Row

Don’t be fooled by this industrial inspired space and immediately discard it. We assure you, weddings can be held here when decorated appropriately!




Look how romantic this space can potentially look? If a proposal can be held here, why not a wedding?! Using beautiful silver Chiavari chairs, sparkly gold table covers and shades of pink crepe papers, the venue instantly looks different!

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If you need more venue suggestions, head over to our platform and discover some of the best venues in town! Or, drop us your event brief at +6016 7200 347 and we will source the best venue for your event! Here at Venuescape, we also provide you with a range of event management services from decor, catering, sound and light, tables and chair, emcees and more. If you like any of the decor style you see, we’re able to recreate it for you!


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