Types Of Lighting For Events

Lighting can bring your event to life and it is definitely crucial to identify what type of lighting would be suitable beforehand. We know this is not everyone’s cup of tea so here we have simplified it below and provided some basic types of lighting for events you should know.

Let’s start from the easiest one first!

String Light

As the name suggest, it is a string of lights which is commonly used for outdoor events during the night. It is versatile and can be used for corporate or private events. It is a simple and elegant way to provide a warm and cosy atmosphere for the event while doing its job of providing light!


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This needs no introduction. Chandeliers are more often used as a decor piece than a functional lighting. It gives out that glamorous and romantic edge which makes them ideal for weddings and certain corporate events such as gala dinners and award shows.


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One of the most cost effective yet dramatic lightings, it is no wonder this is commonly used. The best part about this is that it is perfect for both indoor or outdoor events and corporate or private events! Uplighting is the secret for good pictures and truly setting the ambience of the event 😉


Outdoor uplighting

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Indoor uplighting

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Wash Light

You might have seen this before but you might not have known its name, so here it is – the wash light! It is commonly used to add colours to an event. Concerts, musicals and theatre performances are some of the common events which uses wash lights.


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Station Lighting

If your event is held during the night and you’re planning to have a buffet spread or a dessert bar you’re going to need this. It is essential that food can be seen and station lighting does exactly that!


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Pin-spot Lighting

This is to highlight certain details of your event and it is commonly used for highlighting centrepieces at events. It not only exudes a glamorous and elegant ambience but also allows the event to have an extra dimension.


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Monogram Light

This is a really cool lighting where you can display customizable text or design! Also known as gobo lighting, this is widely used for weddings and corporate events as it is a simple and convenient way for reminding the guest what the night is all about and it can be projected anywhere!


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Bliss Light

To create that dreamy and starry night, you’ll need to use bliss light for this effect! This is also a clever method for making low ceilings appear higher than they actually are.


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That’s about it! If you would like to rent any of these type of lighting for your event, drop us a message here or contact us on Whatsapp at +6012 – 727 3984. If you need a venue for your event, browse through for over 100 selected venues in the Klang Valley!


One of the most popular LED lighting options out there - fairy light


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