Choosing The Right Type Of Tables And Chairs For Your Event

Tables and chairs are vital parts of any event. After all, where do you expect your guests to be seated?! To achieve the desired atmosphere for your event, you have to first select the appropriate furniture and here’s a guide if you’re clueless when it comes to this.


Long rectangle tables 


Long rectangle tables, or Viking style tables as they are so fondly known, are usually used to create a more casual tone and setting. It is commonly used for Western-styled wedding reception especially when the theme is centred around rustic and vintage theme or an outdoor wedding.

Round banquet tables


Round banquet tables exude a more formal tone and is widely used for weddings, annual dinners and award nights. Usually, each banquet table fits up to 10 pax and since everyone faces one another, it allows meaningful conversations to be created within the 10 people seated around the table.

Square banquet tables


This is used for events which are looking to have the best of both worlds. While it creates a casual setting, the square banquet table is able to allow 8 – 10 people who are seated on the table to create meaningful conversations. This seating style and table is usually used for outdoor events be it weddings, baby showers, product launches or birthday parties.

Cocktail tables


They are usually used for cocktail receptions or social and networking event. It creates multiple small islands and facilitates discussion and conversations among guest. Very rarely cocktail tables would be paired with chairs as this setting is done to maximize the number of guest within a space.

Classroom table


These type of tables are ideal for meetings, workshops, seminars or discussion related events. It functions and looks like tables which are commonly used in classrooms and universities. These tables are perfect for creating all sorts of different seating styles and arrangement as it is flexible and easy to maneuver.



Chiavari chairs



Frequently used for all sorts of events, Chiavari chairs comes in 4 different colours – silver, gold, black and white! We personally think that silver ones are perfect for every event as it has that classy edge.

Versailles Chair

HBO SAG 2007 Event at Spago

Almost like Chiavari chairs except with thicker groove. They are also usually available in various types of metallic shade with gold being the most popular choice. People often use this for themed weddings or classy day time events like product launches or media launches.

Banquet chairs


Banquet chairs are commonly used for formal events like annual dinners, gala dinners or weddings. They are best fit for events which are held in a formal venue like ballrooms. Usually, banquet chairs are covered with a plain white or black cover and are further decorated with ribbons if desired.

Bar stool chairs


Some high stools for your guest to sit around for a casual outdoor social event. While it is almost like a cocktail reception, these high stools are more commonly used for social gatherings amongst friends and family for comfort.

Ghost chair



An uncommon type of chair for events as they are commonly found in homes but they are used to enhance or compliment the aesthetics of certain events. It has a glam edge which makes it perfect for weddings or formal outdoor dinners.

Wooden folding chairs


This is the perfect type of chair for outdoor events! Be it an outdoor wedding reception, ROM, picnic, birthday party, baby or bridal shower. It nicely complements the outdoor theme as the neutral wood colour perfectly blends in with nature.

Chameleon Chair


These chairs are bringing sexy back! It can be used for glamorous events like gala dinners and annual dinners or toned down to fit into contemporary themes. Play around with the colour of the cushion and drape it with tulle if you must to fit your theme.

Louis XVI Style Chair


Not a typical type of chair used for events in Asian countries but it serves its purpose and belongs to the French Neocolonial era. This chair is ideal for a wedding, baby shower or bridal shower of the vintage and elegant theme.

X-Back Chair


Another chair option if you’re hosting an outdoor event. The X-Back design is ideal for events held in barns, farms, vineyard or garden areas as it complements the whole outdoor concept and event type. It is a popular choice for outdoor weddings as it is sophisticated and blends in well with the theme.

Marais Style Chair 


You might have come across these chairs in cafes, bistros or even have them in your homes! It’s the perfect chair if you’re hosting an event which leans towards the industrial or loft theme. Based on the picture above, it’s also perfect for outdoor weddings or parties!

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