Oh My Giggles Happening At Puteh at Subang!

If you haven’t heard, Oh My Giggles is coming to Puteh at Subang! ONE NIGHT ONLY, head over and have a good laugh if you LOVE comedy or if you’d like to just unwind, relax and have a good time. They’re boasting a line up of Malaysia’s best stand-up comedians guaranteeing you a night of hilarity like you’ve never experienced before, GRAB YOUR TICKETS BEFORE IT IS SOLD OUT!

If you’re familiar with the Malaysian comedy scene, you would have definitely heard of some of these comedians. You MUST have heard of Kavin Jay, a co-founder of One Mic Stand and Crackhouse Comedy Club. A consistent performer who has charmed audiences all around the world from Australia right up to United Kingdom, you MUST head over for the show to know what we’re talking about.


Hosted by Justin Heyes, arguably one of the UK’s most lovable comedian, you might just appreciate some witty British humour as well! If that is not your cup of tea, Brian, Thenesh, Sim and Sulaiman might be able to make you laugh until you cry.

A little bit of background about Brian, Thenesh, Sim and Sulaiman. Brian is one of Malaysia’s most hardworking comedian who has done multiple of international shows as well including Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015. Thenesh, a rising star in the comedy scene is a soft-spoken individual who explodes like a grenade on stage with firing jokes! Sim has been in the scene for 5 years now and he has been performing stand-up comedy in bars, pubs, comedy clubs, theatre, restaurants and more. Last but not least, we have Sulaiman who is a lawyer by day and a comedian by night. Apart from sharing the stage with multiple comedic giants, he also writes for the critically – acclaimed talk show ‘Obviously Harith Iskander’.

HAVE WE EXPLAINED OURSELVES ENOUGH ON WHY YOU SHOULD BE HEADING THERE?! Also, it comes with a FREE beer and some snacks to keep your tummies happy! Make yourself free on the 31st of March between 8.30 pm – 11 pm and head over to Puteh at Subang.

Head over HERE to purchase your ticket of call up Michelle at 011-2122 2506 if you have any enquiries. See you there!