8 Vegetarian Appetisers To Serve At Your Party

Start your party right by feeding your guest some appetisers! Keep in mind of your vegetarian guests and take into consideration when you’re preparing or placing orders. Here are some appetisers which are perfect for all types of parties!


The most popular canape choice out there, bruschettas are definitely the best and commonly served appetiser for any type of event and most importantly, vegetarian-friendly! Made out of tomatoes and toast, it also appeals to the masses! Or if tomatoes aren’t your cup of tea, opt for some mushroom toppings instead.


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Zucchini / Sweet Potato Fries & Dip

Take it up a notch and instead of having potato chips, zucchini and sweet potatoes are great alternatives. This is sure to satisfy all the vegetarians out there and it might even interest non-vegetarians. After all, there’s nothing a good dip can’t fix!


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Deviled Egg

Everybody loves eggs, don’t we! Sometimes it’s not always about the finer things in life because simple things like eggs are equally enjoyable. To make it more presentable, deviled eggs would be a great alternative to hard boiled eggs and essentially they are the same thing, except fancier and with more flavour.


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Fruit Skewers

There’s nothing more refreshing than serving fresh fruits. Stack a few type of cubed fruits onto a skewer and you’ve got yourself a fruit skewer, it is that simple! We recommend things like strawberries, watermelons, mangos, kiwis and grapes for that pop of colour. For that extra yumminess add cubes of cheese in between. Trust me, it will be delish!


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Tomato Avocado Toast

Almost like the bruschetta but it has an avocado base and feta cheese for that extra oomph! Not just vegetarian-friendly, this is also perfect for serving health-conscious guests alike.


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Chunky Avocado Salsa

You can either serve this on its own or with tortilla chips on the side. This appetiser packs a punch in terms of flavour and nutrition and you can trust that it is also appealing and visually presentable.


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Blueberry Puff Pastry

This is a little more difficult to bake on your own if you’re not equipped with the right baking skills but if you’re willing to take on the challenge, go ahead! Otherwise, you could source this from your nearest bakery.


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Truffle And Parmesan Popcorn

Everybody loves some popcorn! Instead of caramel popcorns, switch it up and serve some fancy-schmancy truffle and parmesan popcorn. Remember, first impressions matter and the best way to impress your guest is through their stomach 😉


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That’s our top 8! Of course, there are plenty of variations out there. Always remember to think about your guest dietary requirements and prepare ahead. Afterall, serve good food and you will be the talking point for months to come! If you need catering services for your event, contact us at +6012- 727 3984 or drop us a formal message here.


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