How To Select The BEST Venue For Your Corporate Event

Today we’re going to share with you on how to select the BEST venue when it comes to corporate events. Private events like birthdays, baby showers or engagement parties can be easily held in restaurants but when it comes to corporate events, there might be certain requirements and amenities which you’re looking for that restaurants don’t offer.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Identify the type of event you’re hosting

This comes without saying, you’ve got to first know what type of event are you having before you can look for a venue that fits like a glove for the event. Are you having a meeting, cocktail party, product launch, press conference, annual dinner, workshop or seminar?


2. Think about the decor and theme

This applies for product launches, press conferences, annual dinners and gala dinners. Depending on the scale of the event, you might want to additional decor and even have a theme. One tip would be to find a venue which has a good base and foundation for your theme so you’ll save on decor or choose a bare venue and you can customise it to your preferred theme.


If you’re looking for a bare venue, Space Seven would be perfect!

Also, remember to take into consideration if there is enough space for entertainment if you’re planning to have one. Check with the venue owners if there are any rules and regulations which you should be aware of!

3. Seating arrangement

What type of seating arrangement will you be having? Is it cocktail, classroom, theatre or banquet style? A tip would be to always check if it comes with tables and chairs of if you have to source that out on your own. This is where you can cut some cost if budget is tight!


4. Location

As we all know, location is everything! It is very important to ensure that the venue is easily found and accessible for all invitees. You might want to take into consideration if the venue would have enough car parks and if it is near public transport. If you’re expecting overseas guest, be sure to have the event near to a hotel or within the hotel itself!

Hotels like Acappella Suite, Geno, Qliq and Armada have meeting rooms and some even have ballrooms! Perfect if you’re planning to have workshops and a formal dinner. Best part, they are completely affordable!

5. Additional amenities

This is something which you might overlook but here’s why it is important to take this into consideration because it’s where you can cut some cost! If the venue comes with Wifi, you might want to check the speed to see if it is fast enough. Other amenities to take note would be if the venue comes with AV facilities, sound and light system, projectors or white boards, and if cleaning fee is chargeable!


Q Lounge in Qliq Hotel which comes with ports to fuel up your electronic devices!

If you’re having a full-day event, you might want to search for a venue which has a lounge for short breaks in between. We recommend having it in hotels like Qliq Hotel or Armada Hotel as hotels usually would have a lounge for corporate clients to take a breather.

We hope this helps you find the best space for your corporate event. Here are some suggestions for cocktail parties in KL and if you’re hosting a meeting check out these spaces in Klang Valley! Contact us at + 6 016 – 7200 347 for immediate assistance or browse through our platform, for a list of venues in Klang Valley.


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