Places To Host Fitness Related Events

We’re talking about yoga classes, Zumba sessions, body combat and more! Being fit is the new black and what better way to start the year than to organise fitness related events or incorporate some elements of fitness into your next event! Here are some spaces which are ideal for hosting fitness events.

Setia City Convention Centre

The outdoor space beside the convention centre is beyond ideal for any type of outdoor sporting events, especially those which involve vigorous activities. Also, if you’re planning an outdoor team building session, this space would be perfect as there is ample of outdoor space which is pretty darn picturesque too!



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This is a multipurpose ballroom in town and they have conducted yoga sessions, Zumba and aerobics here! If you’re planning to host a small-scale fitness class, Cornerstone would be ideal. Classes with less than 50 pax would perfectly fit into this space!



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A HUGE indoor space which is able to host up to 10,000 people – this should be your go-to space for any type of large events. Their high ceiling and good air ventilation make it an ideal venue for all types of events including fitness related ones. Previously, they’ve had body combat session in here as well.




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The Skyforest at Acappella Suite Hotel is suitable for zen and calm meditating classes. If you’re into inhaling fresh air, use their connecting Skylawn which is an outdoor rooftop. We think that yoga classes would be perfect in this space because it is a private and conducive space!





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Sunway Nexis

The concourse area is ideal for hosting events which are open to the public. For example, public yoga sessions or fitness classes. The concourse area is divided up into 4 sessions, perfect for events which have different types of segments.



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Zell-V Wellness Centre

Their multipurpose hall is perfect if you’re looking to have a yoga session. They regularly have fly yoga classes and this should confirm that their multipurpose hall is suitable. Also, they have an outdoor rooftop garden for those who would like to have outdoor fitness sessions instead.




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Puteh at Subang

Look at that ample space, perfect for team building activities and all things fitness! Beside their marquee tent, Puteh has a huge landscape area and we see a lot of potential in this space.


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We hope you’ll kick-start your year in one of these spaces with some fitness activities! Remember to request for a FREE quotation if you think some of these places have the potential you’re looking for. Alternatively, head over to and browse through over 100 venues in the Klang Valley. Drop us a call, text or WhatsApp us at +6016 – 7200 347 for immediate assistance.