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Different Dress Ideas For Your Next Wedding Invitation

The ironic thing about weddings is that sometimes guests find it harder to find a dress than the bride herself! Fret no more! Venuescape is here to save the day!

Being a guest at a wedding is especially excellent because it means you buy a dress that you actually want to wear. But what is the right dress to wear? A dress for the dance floor? A dress for comfort? Or the most stylish dress.

From surprisingly upscale mall finds to splurge-worthy designer options. Your struggle is over, we have found the prettiest dresses, skirts and tops, as well as the chicest trousers to ensure you look stunning AND elegant, from maxi to mini dresses including high low gowns. Here are some pretty basic dress ideas you can rock at a friend’s wedding!

Lace Blouse and Skirt


Lace clothing can work for every season and every occasion; it is a style staple. You can choose from colourful lace dresses, lace tops matched with a cute skirt, or lace knitwear. Easy and looks pretty darn classy too.

Pink Floral


This dress is perfect for outdoorsy and evergreen nuptials, the floral and flowy silk embellished in the swingy skirt is a perfect set. Not only will you feel like a cupcake in this dress, be ready to get lots of compliments.

Off Shoulder


This amazing red dress features an open shoulder design, a V-neckline and a midi look that is perfect for your next wedding party.

Strapless Short


Show some shoulder with a romantic vibe with this strapless short dress. The best thing about the strapless short is it is perfect for a glam wedding; wear it with heels now and then sandals for a simpler wedding style.

Spring Summer High-Low


A high-low hem gives this dress gown a dramatic, fluid drape, V neckline that will look so amazing for your next spring/summer wedding. Looks like a long gown from the back and so chic from the front. Definitely a win!

Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are easy to throw on, stylish and super comfortable.  You can either wear the dress with short heels or dress them up with fun accessories and some wedges!

Long Printed V-Neck


This chic look will highlight your femininity with this classic V dress. The long printed V-neck is perfect for a simple and fancy wedding, that’s why accessories are and should be your friend.

Mini Dress


Got great legs? Well, you know the mini dress is great for showing off your asset(s). The mini dress is perfect with high heels, and a neckline necklace.

Embellished folk midi


Crafted with evident attention to detail, these dresses fit flawlessly into your closet no matter what season it is. Slip on this look for an easy day-to-night wear and choose a statement gown for special occasions.

This theme is not only ideal for weddings, birthdays or bridal showers but also great for product launches. If you’ve got an upcoming event without a venue in mind, head over to or drop us a text at +6 016 – 7200 347 and we’ll lend you a hand (for FREE, because we are nice)!