Here Are Some Deepavali Celebration Must-Have

Happy Deepavali everyone! 

As Deepavali is around the corner, it’s time to get the house clean and decorated to usher in the festival of lights. Like most festivals here in Malaysia, Deepavali or Diwali is known as a day where everyone regardless of creed gets together with lively open houses, fireworks displays, and a wide range of Indian delicacies. Mmmm, I can already taste all the mutton varuval I’m to have.

The other thing that always catches my eye is the colourful decorations. Apart from that, there are a few constants across the many open-houses I’ve visited. Here’s my take on Deepavali celebration must-have:


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It’s usually really colourful! The colourful designs in the Deepavali decor stand for celebration. Like Indian weddings, the more colourful, the better!


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Candles are a very important part of the tradition, as the name suggests; the festival of lights. Tea light candles or diyas form the basis of the celebration and these days, there are many different designs available. Gold diyas, silver diyas, electrical diyas, brass diyas and the original, and still my favourite, the earthen diyas. Go crazy!


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Beautiful fresh flowers. Most Hindu temples, during Deepavali, is lavishly decorated with flowers while offerings of fruit and coconut milk are placed at altars by devotees.


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If you don’t know what Kolam is (neither did I until writing this article) Kolam (like the pic above) is the decorations of colourful rice grains displayed at the entrance of the home. This is something that always appeals to me especially the massive ones in shopping malls.

Indian delicacies

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A signature Malaysian-must: Food is a big a part of the celebration. Muruku (literally translated into twisted in Tamil), a crunchy savoury snack is one of my favourite things about the celebration (All Muruku may be sent to the Venuescape office and addressed to Nora, thanks!)

Have these elements during your Deepavali open house and I’d say you’re pretty set. Don’t forget the mutton, though. 😉

Share with us your favourite thing about the festival of lights!

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