SKOWT Announces The Third Recipient Of Its Music Fund

SKOWT, an innovative new music platform which caters to unsigned and independent talents, announced Oyent Hazryl as the third recipient of its SKOWT MUSIC FUND. This concludes the Round 1 of disbursements for the Fund. The date for the second round of disbursements will be announced in Q1 next year.

“This is our 3rd disbursement of the SKOWT Music Fund and have chosen Oyent Hazryl as the recipient as we are just in love with his music and talent. As an individual, we find Oyent an inspiration and a very humble person. We look forward to working with him on this journey. We are partnering with Pulse Soundworks on this project and looking forward to the masterpiece that is going to be produced!” – SKOWT

Oyent started as a backup singer/percussionist with Istana Budaya after graduating from the National Arts Academy (ASWARA), majoring in Music Performance and Traditional Vocals. His strong voice and good range enable him to sing a variety of tunes while playing the guitar/percussions. He has been smashing the local pub scene with his livewire energy, strong stage presence and exceptional fluency with Spanish covers. Here’s what he has to say:

“I am truly honoured to be a recipient of the SKOWT Music Fund. This is a big win for me since making my comeback into the music scene. Having SKOWT as a team of musically inclined mentors or “big brothers” is a blessing. Their positive feedback and encouragement has motivated me to continue my journey in music and aim higher! I am very excited to be working on my single with the Pulse Soundworks team. They have given me the right amount of advice direction. SKOWT also has various social programs targeted for youth and I plan to share my personal experiences of overcoming substance abuse and give hope to others who face similar challenges. Music is a great medium to get positive messages across and with this platform and Music Fund, I am a step closer to achieving my goals.

SKOWT will be partnering with Pulse Soundworks in the production of Oyent’s single.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Oyent, who’s had many years of experience performing under his belt. You can hear the years in his voice when he’s in the vocal booth. His Spanish influence and prowess on the acoustic guitar lends to his unique sound. We’re really excited to be working on his brand new original material and we can’t wait for you to hear it!” – Pulse Soundworks

You can check out and stalk Oyent  Hazryl and his amazing music here.


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