Types Of People You Meet At Parties

CockWe all love parties, especially when it comes after a busy week, parties does do wonders to our soul on weekends. If you take a closer look, there are some common types of people that you come across at every party. Chances are, if you don’t come across them, you might be one of them. Here are 10 types of people we have had the pleasure of meeting and being:

1. The Thunder


These are the type of people who greets everyone at the party, sing each and every song at the top of their lungs and are the most hyper creatures you’ll ever see. But we are actually thankful for their boastful energy, who bring the party along with them.

2. The Drunk one


Whether it’s a girl or a guy, there is always that ONE person who gets drunk to an extent that either they get crazy on the dance floor or start to cry (probably over their recent break-up!). Surprisingly, these are the people that show an abnormally high confidence before they start drinking and ends up being down.

3. The Sober one


Unlike the drunk one, there is the one who doesn’t drink. It might be because they are the designated driver for the night, you know the one who has to drive everybody back home. But did you know that these are the evil ones, as they see and remember every single embarrassing detail of the night and end up blackmailing you the next day or WORST, bringing it up in your wedding speech! And sometimes, exaggerate to make it a better story! #PureEvil

4. The Chainsmoker


And no, we are not talking about the band. These are the ones who smoke their lungs out all through the night. You’d see them throughout the party with a cigarette between their two fingers and asking people if they would like to grab a smoke with them. These are also the type of people that spend their night smoking.

5. The Overdresser


It’s nice to dress in the nicest clothing you have in your wardrobe, but you don’t want to put up on all those fancy clothes you have for a usual Friday night, right? Let’s keep it plain and simple and wear one of those smart casuals that you normally cannot wear to work.

6. The Girlfriend

party 6

She’s a control freak and is always telling what others should do, especially her boyfriend. Every girl and guy hates her, mainly her boyfriend’s friends, but they are too scared to tell that off her face so they just leave her be herself.

7. The “woooo” Girl

party 7

The moment she steps foot onto the floor, everyone is like “woooo, who’s that!” She’s got an incredible body and every girl ‘rolls-eyes’ while every guy can’t take their eyes off her. She also has the reputation of getting a little drunk, which she doesn’t really care about, but other than that, she goes around well with everyone.

8. The Snapchatter


This is the type of a person who would be recording the whole party with or without their flash on. For them, it’s more important to show the world that they were a part of a party, which was just as “cool” as “them”. I mean, did the party even happen if there are not enough pieces of evidence of it on Snapchat?

9. The Fighter

party 9

The loud party would suddenly have an even louder noise and an all-brawl out. He’s the guy who deadlifts and probably gets angry because someone asked him to move out of their way. He keeps repeating “Bro, WTF” until the other party gives up and gets lost from the party.

10. The Couple

party 10

Like dude, seriously!! You guys are not mom and son holding hands at a mall, it’s okay to let go of each other’s hands at parties, I guess? But ah, well, having able to set aside all your troubles and have a good time is all relationship fulfilment. Plus couples who party together, stay together!

Going to parties is definitely something fun and relaxing for most of us and these are surely the type of people you come across when you go to parties. In essence, these unique personalities are what makes most of the night. And here’s one bonus type that we would like to mention:

11. The Greatest Person You’ll Ever Meet


Last but not the least, let’s not forget the greatest person you’ll meet –  the one who gets you through the night. This person could be the one who compliments you at the washroom and later becomes your BFF or could also be the one who helped you walk down the stairs especially when you almost tripped. Damn, vodkas!

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