Things NOT To Do On Valentine’s Day According To A Chauvinistic Nice Guy

Hey! I AM a nice guy okay. Trust me on this. I’ll also tell you WHY before we start. I learnt my lesson and now I’m sharing my lessons with you so you don’t repeat them like I did. I was called a chauvinistic pig by my ex and now I’m reformed! I’m a nice guy now so I’m saving all you bros out there who needs my help right now.

 If you’re single, you may just roll your eyes on this article, and if you’re dating someone, Valentine’s Day is already a pressure on yourself, plus you might also be suffering from stress on how to make this day special for your loved one. Thank my lucky stars I am single now and will just have to date the hell outta my bed all day long 🙂 Yes, you be very very jealous now.

Now, I’m sure you have read thousands of articles and blogs on what to DO on Valentine’s, how to make it special, what to bring for your valentine and blah blah blah…However, I’m bored of all that so here’s my compilation of some very important points that you SHOULDN’T do on Valentine’s Day. For your own relationship’s sake, don’t – and trust me, I would know that’s why I’m single, ladies! (But you can call me on my cell phone!)

A little backstory before we start. I started dating this girl just before Valentine’s day and well, the – day was approaching and here’s how it went.

1. Bring a Friend

bring a friend

She was all excited until I picked her up as she looked into the back seat and saw my best bud who was you know, lonely and stuff, so I’m all for the Bro code you know, I brought him along! Man, I didn’t know it was going to backfire the way it did! So, DON’T bring a friend along okay. Your girl is gonna get mad and she’ll dump your ass. Trust me. I got mine dumped that very day. (Ladies man, they overreact!)

Chances are your Valentine will feel extremely awkward to speak to you in front of your friend, especially if you guys just started dating!  In addition, if you’re planning to introduce your friend to your Valentine, definitely Valentine’s day is NOT a day to make them meet. Remember that this is a day all for you and your date only.

2. Make Inflexible Plans


So, she kept telling me about this place she REALLLLYYYY wanted to go to and I was all like, sure babe! But who would have thought, on Valentines day, restaurants are packed to the brim and scoring a table at the last minute is pretty close to impossible? (Don’t you look at me like that, I actually really didn’t know okay. Don’t judge me!) Yeap, you guessed it, we went there, it was packed she was so excited while we were on the way, and after that, she didn’t even want to look at my face. We ended up in Burger King and she was NOT pleased.

So the moral of the story – this is the day she waits for all year long, and you don’t want to end up disappointing her now, do you?  So book that table at that restaurant, be on time and be as tidy as possible.

3. Brag about your relationship


And while we were at Burger King, I decided to lighten the mood and tell her some jokes, speak really loudly about how she looked so beautiful that night and how I was the luckiest guy in the world and even posted 3 photos of us that night on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and every other social media I could think off. But wow, a bro can never do anything right because I came out looking like an inconsiderate jerk to the girls on the next table where of the girls just went through a break-up. HOW WOULD I HAVE KNOWN THIS? (I feel you, Aziz. I really do! We are not mind-readers. Geez!)

Yes, it might be very special to show your love to your partner over social media. But clearly, we need to be considerate. There are other people in this world too, who are single and just went through a recent breakup. That’s like rubbing salt over someone’s wound, which I’m sure you really don’t want to do.

4. Prank Your Valentine

prank valentine

Please DON’T. She didn’t appreciate this bit at all! I really thought it was funny, I did. But when she came into the car and I gave her her box gift and when she opened it, she started crying while I burst out laughing! You really don’t want to know what was in the box. Okay fine, it was…nah, I can’t bring myself to owning up to this!

In short, save the pranks for the April fools. You might be thinking that just because Valentine’s day is something about romance, there is no room for jokes? There actually is NO room for jokes.

5. Talk About an Ex

talk about ex

This is a total mood spoiler. In fact, this is the worst you can do, worst that the prank! And I can proudly say, I did NOT do this because come on, even I have more sense than that! But this definitely needs to be on the list. Keep your conversations focused on your partner and life and the night can never get any better. *wink*

6. Have Unrealistic Expectations


NOW here’s a tip for you ladies.

If you want us to understand your feelings, you need to just express it. You can’t be expecting us to be reading your mind or expect us to understand your body language, action and reaction. The key to a successful relationship is COMMUNICATION thus, communicating properly and honestly is essential to building and sustaining a healthy relationship. Again, we are not mind readers and you cannot expect us to JUST KNOW!

7. Don’t Forget The Date


And LASTLY, DON’T EVER forget Valentine’s day! I know you know we’re really busy with work, games, football, beer, friends and all that but don’t forget that there is someone who might be expecting a little from you, which only YOU can fulfil. Hence, be that Mr Romantic for a day, show your superpowers and surprise your lady with those bunch of roses along with some candlelight dinner!

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