Easy And Affordable DIY Event Backdrop Ideas

A backdrop is another element that makes our events Insta-worthy for our fellow event attendees. We all love to have a backdrop, but getting a proper backdrop may be too expensive. Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding, or birthday party, or even a corporate party, here are some easy DIY backdrop ideas suitable for any event:

1. A Balloon Wall

Pretty young girl drinking champagne with her friends on a birthday party

This is pretty easy. Just gather up all your friends and cousins few hours before the event to puff the balloons and assemble them in an orderly way. You all may take a deep breath or even grab a helium tank to do so. Plus, there are shops to customize balloons for you and you just have to put it up on the wall! It is pretty cost effective and still cute!

2. Streamers

Img from LovelyIndeed

No matter how old we get, streamers don’t ever get old! They are pretty affordable and comes in many different colours, so you can decorate an entire backdrop plus save some for the table. It all depends on you, whether you want romantic wedding backdrop, twisted streamer backdrop or a wall of textured streamers. Buckle up your seatbelts and think about it!

3. Leaves and Twine

bunch of raw green herb marjoram with scissors on a wooden rustic table

I  once attended a friend’s wedding and their decorations included leaves along with the roses that they had used. Oh my god, they looked so amazing! You can actually consider using leaves together with the flowers to decorate it as a backdrop itself. Nature lovers would feel right at home at your party, while others would get to enjoy a completely different ambience.

4. Gold Fringe

gold fringes
Img from Pinterest

Everything that glitters ain’t gold but gold fringe definitely is! How stunning are these?  Jumble up the various colours of streamers and throw in metallics for some extra glitz. Display your creativity skills by making your very own designs! Your guests will totally love the lustrous effect while you won’t be able to have enough of those once it’s up!

5. Sticky Notes

Happy young woman in fashionable clothes celebrating on a shimmer, colorful, party background. Party decorations gold and silver balls, balloons enjoying confetti, getting ready to open confetti.

Sticky notes come in various different colours and you can easily stick them on the wall, without causing any damage to it. And the best part is, you can even make different shapes using them. I cannot wait to have my next party to make an eye-catching backdrop from sticky notes.

6. Cotton Clouds

cotton cloud
Img from Hometalk

Trust me, these are super easy. You just need cotton, wires, scissors and scotch tapes to hang it up from the ceiling. We always wish to witness the peaceful scene of a calming rainstorm before our eyes, and that is totally possible if you could make these adorable, fluffy and even realistic clouds for your party, which even your guests could use to do it for the gram.

7. Props

Img from DluxEventEnt

This might be out of topic, but you see, a plain backdrop with a lot of props that the guests could use to take funky pictures is not a bad idea after all! Props make the moments of our parties picture perfect.

Stressing about where to make these awesome backdrops for your event? Worry not! We have an absolutely blank canvas like event spaces, where you can create backdrops or any other ideas that you have for your event. Hurry up and call us at +6016 – 7200 347 for immediate assistance or visit our website www.venuescape.my to have a look at your favourite venue!

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