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Tips For Finding A Wedding Venue ASAP!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you must be panicking over your wedding dress, make-over, bachelorette party and most importantly, your budget. On top of that, you cannot even decide on WHERE to tie the knot! How can you possibly find a venue that you can afford, one that you actually like, is convenient for your guests and is not already booked? *Siiigh*

We are here to help you figure out the right venue for your wedding at the right price, with all the amenities, and how you can book them. So, here are our tips for finding a wedding venue asap.

Beach Wedding vs Garden Wedding

First thing’s first, what’re your plans? Are you looking for a beach wedding or a garden wedding or a ballroom wedding? Depending on your theme, the planning may be overwhelming, but do bear that in mind that nothing is impossible unless you want a camel to enter a 5-star hotel (just kidding).

You might have a dream since birth that you want to arrange a beach wedding or a garden wedding at your own lawn. Narrow down what you want when it comes to the theme and setting. If it’s a garden wedding you’re looking for, consider Puteh at Subang, which is the garden marquee event space for your dream wedding. Here are some tips to consider when planning a marquee event!


If it’s a beach wedding you’re looking at, consider the beaches in PD or Langkawi! Nobody has to go outta the country to make that dream come true, really. Check out this link if you are looking for Garden Wedding Venues around KL. If you prefer venues with both areas, check out Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues.

Traditional vs Non-traditional

Yes, some of us want more of a traditional wedding, in a ballroom, with theatre or banquet style seating arrangements coupled with gorgeous decoration. If you’re looking for one in PJ, consider The Atlanta Ballroom at Armada Hotel PJ. We’re sure you’ve heard just how good the food is at Armada hotel! The ballroom has more than what you need, comfortably accommodating 350 guests in round table setting. This ballroom is just a diamond in the rough.


And by non-traditional, we meant a magical wedding dinner at Bobo KL at their Piano Lounge, equipped with a stage and complete with state of the art sound system is ideal for 70-80 pax. Take your guests on a gastronomical journey with the delicious European food here at Bobo.


Michelangelo’s at Solaris is another place which is ideal for “non-traditional” weddings. The plush seating and opulent decor ensure that you and your guests feel like royalty. Michelangelo’s also serves authentic Italian cuisine that is sure to impress your guests.  This restaurant accommodates up to 130 pax and is cosy and contemporary, ideal for your wedding.

We even have wedding venues which are Pet-friendly too!


In-House Catering or Outsourcing

There are two types of wedding venues; full-service and not full-service. Most of the time, a full-service venue would provide with chairs, tables, decorations and catering services, while non-full service venue only provides you with the event space and it is up to you to fill in the rest.

Places like Armada Hotel are full-service venues while Zell-V Wellness Hub allows guests to bring in their preferred caterers.  Their Multipurpose Hall is ideal for events with a large crowd up to 500 pax! Or opt to use their rooftop which offers a stunning view of PJ and KL. Check out more venues which allow external catering




Venues like Slate @ The Row provides you with a blank canvas for you to get creative and indulge in your own ideas. Design your wedding with your very own ideas and bring on your favourite caterer. 


Magical Decorations + Awesome Amenities

No bride story is complete without decorations. Wedding decorations are certainly not easy, plus the venue you have chosen might not allow you to decorate it with your brilliance. Plus, your fiance might want his friends to have a little acoustic gig session. Who knows, he might even have a surprise like singing “Perfect by Ed Sheeran” waiting for you.

Your decoration ideas and your fiance’s live performance idea might not go hand in hand, but we always have a  solution for you. SkyArk Event Space, with its awesome intimate ambience, is here to sparkle your wedding with their well-decorated space, over the top sound and light system, a balcony area for the food line and a full backline system with a drumset ready for you to jam. The space comfortably accommodating up to 150 pax.


*Ba Dumm Tsss* Your wedding’s going to be stellar!

Ask, Ask and Keep Asking!

Ask who? Who else, but for us! We are here to guide you through the entire process because we understand that the stairs to a successful event are led by perfect arrangements. Ensure you ask whatever you have in mind – “Who will be here helping me the actual day of the wedding? Do you have any decorators, photographers, videographers?”, “Do you anticipate any changes to the venue before the wedding day?” We are always here to answer these queries.

Need a list of wedding venues? Check out 20 Wedding Venues Around Klang Valley. If you are looking at having an intimate wedding instead, check out these 15 Small Wedding Venues Around KL.

For more venue suggestions, visit or directly call us at +6016 7200 347. You may also Whatsapp us and we’ll surely reply you within minutes. We’re efficient like that! Peace!