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Make Your Family Gathering a Success With These Tips

To some of us, family gatherings might be our worst nightmare, while some of us literally wait for someone to plan a family gathering. Whether you like it or not, you HAVE to attend these family gatherings and meet all your relatives. Plus, these gatherings are a great opportunity to create memories that can last a lifetime. The good, the ugly, and the ones we will tell our children someday!

Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), if this time is your time to organise the family gathering, here goes a long list of tips for you to make it a success!

1. Choose a Convenient Location

What’s an event without the perfect venue? We believe that if you don’t choose the location wisely, your relatives may try and “skip” the family gathering if they find it inconvenient for them to travel. Besides, when you’re trying to organise the entire family to be there, it’s no easy feat and bear that in mind that it would be according to THEIR convenience and not yours.

If your relatives are staying in and around your kampung area, you may try and look for the best possible venue nearby. If you’re looking for a space around Shah Alam area, you may try Space Seven. Personally, I love this space as it comes with three stories and is able to fit 150 – 200 pax easily. You can have the adults on one floor, the teenagers on another and the kids (with supervision, of course!) on a separate floor altogether! The entire space is bathed in natural lighting and allows for amazing photos!




Family Staycation maybe?

Perhaps a party would not suffice, and your family would prefer to head out of town for a night instead. Somewhere not too far off but still a little outside of KL? Try looking at Broga Bungalow for a get-away from the city’s hustle bustle. We promise you that this will be the venue that fits almost everything you need. It is surrounded by greenery and those who enjoy hiking can take on Broga Hills in the morning!


2. Games and Fun Activities

Family gatherings are the time where you can forget your inner introvert (I guess?) and have the most fun. Plan a range of fun activities and games for everyone of all ages to participate and enjoy. There are ball games, playground activities, and races for the kids. mmu1

So for the adults, play cardssss card game 29 and Chinese whisper


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Or you can never go wrong with good ol’ board games like scrabble or monopoly.

3. Show and Reminisce Old Photos

Nothing beats memories like showing embarrassing photos on a big projector screen and reminiscing memories from childhood to the pictures of the last family trip! Besides,  laughing at old memories creates new memories. If you are concerned about where to get a projector and a big screen to view these photos and videos, fret not as you may rent one from us, anytime!

Or choose a space that comes with a projector screen like Ol’deer Event Place. This intimate space is cosy with its plush seating, projector, a small stage, concrete flooring and exudes a formal yet contemporary feel and really exudes a homey vibe.  Snuggle up with family on beanies and share the laughs all around! You can bring in your own caterer here as well.

IAREABCDE_Bday_004 (1)

4. Take time to make memories

Catch up with family members, ask them about their lives and share what’s been happening. Gather and preserve the wisdom of the most senior members of your family. Take photos and videos of the day and you could also possibly create a backdrop. And if you feel creating a backdrop is a little too much of work, you can always choose a place which is Instagram-worthy and beautiful to capture photos.

One such rustic and cosy space which we could recommend you is Base 26This place will comfortably accommodate 80 guests and provides a perfect backdrop for its second floor offers state-of-the-art photography facilities, studio lighting and a make-up area, perfect for that family portrait.


If you can coordinate the above and come up with a solid plan, I’m pretty sure your family gathering will be one that is talked about for a lifetime!

If you can implement these few suggestions, choose the right venue and come up with a solid plan, it will definitely magnify your family gathering and be one that is talked about for a lifetime! And since you planned it, you get all the credit! *score*

Need help or suggestions for some kick-ass venues? You can always contact us at +6016 7200 347 or browse through and request for a FREE quotation!


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