The Complete Guide To The Tuxedo Do’s & Don’t’s

Remember the look on your face when you received an invitation card where the dress code states ‘BLACK TIE’? Oh yeah, that nerve wrecking confusion that usually requires a quick Google search to know exactly what it is you are supposed to wear! So gentlemen… in order for you to be comfortable in your tuxedos, we’ve complied a list of formal wear etiquettes’ to keep things nice and easy for you. Let’s take a look at how these tuxedo etiquettes’ will give you a dapper look for any of your black tie events!


1. Black or Midnight Blue



While men in black = dashing, you may consider wearing a midnight blue shade too!The best part about both these colours is that regardless of what colour your date chooses to wear, it will perfectly play well with it. Or if you are that obnoxious person who lives for obtrusion, then don’t let us stop you from suiting up in something wilder.

2. A white shirt is a must!

tux 3

Our guide for picking the perfect shirt for tuxedo would be to get a clean white shirt with either a regular Italian or French collar or a winged collar, which is designed for bow ties. It’ll give you a masculine effect on top of your black or blue coat. Pleated or pique fronts are appropriate too for it’s particularly elegant!

3. The Cuff Links


Show people how much you care about your looks and how much effort you have put in – utilize those cufflinks you got as a gift for your birthday for your shirt closures. Ideally, a basic set with black centres and silver rims will get the job done nicely.

4. The Classic Bow Tie



It’s not that long neckties are not allowed but for your best formal look, wear a bow tie and go the extra mile. The best is if you can get the black silk satin bow tie tied by your own self. Did you know that an imperfectly self-tied bow tie actually looks more stylish than a perfectly tied one? Yes, we all know it’s more romantic when your date does it for you, but a man should know how to tie his own.

5. Cummerbund or vest

Cummerbund-Vs-VestNow, it ain’t black tie without a cummerbund or a vest! The cummerbund is a tradition that began in India around 1850s. The importance of this is to cover the waistband where awkward shirt bunching often occurs – to avoid below:


For your best look, pick either a cummerbund or a low-stance vest that doesn’t conceal a great part of your shirt above the front jacket button.


1. Matte Shoes over Glossy Shoes



Glossy shoes are nice, but not a necessity. With a tuxedo, the best shoes that you can rock are the formal shoes with a black grosgrain ribbon on the top. The matte textured look of velvet makes it look elegant and simple, while it doesn’t have the shine of patent leather.

2. No Flap Pockets



Think of it this way, how often do you get the chance of wearing a tuxedo? Take advantage of that! This is another business suit detail that will add bulk to your tux and compromise its formal integrity.

3. Wear Brown or White Socks

tux 8

Just because MJ wore white socks, doesn’t mean that you can too! Nothing can ruin your black or midnight blue tuxedo just like white socks peeking above your shoes. Wear formal socks. Don’t laugh but men’s hosiery exists, which are more thin & stretchy and come up to the mid/high shin.

4. No Belts. I repeat, No Belts!

Tuxedo pants should not have belts on them. Why? Simply because not only will it look bad, but the cummerbund will make you feel uncomfortable. Wondering how you can hold up those pants for at least for 4-5 hours? We would suggest, white suspenders are the best choice for tuxedos. That’s because if you take off your jacket, the view of white suspenders under white shirt wouldn’t look like faux.

You don’t always get the opportunity of wearing a tux, so when you do, with these tips above, immaculate the look of Daniel Craig as Her Majesty’s agent in Casino Royale. Go forth and conquer! As always, if you need help sourcing for the best venue for your black tie event, visit or call/WhatsApp us at +6016-7200 347 for immediate assistance!