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Questions To Ask When Hiring Your Event Planner

When planning an event (birthday, wedding, engagement), we often get so excited, that we jump into “the best option” for us. We know that you’ve done your research, read enough reviews and made a face-to-face interview whereby all the answers to your questions were “I do”.

Sure, there’s nothing better than a confident answer like that, but as your event day is coming nearer, more and more excuses are coming up from your hired event planner. The excuses are such that “it’s not my responsibility”, “I don’t think it’s possible”, “it does not fit in the budgetlah” or even “are you sure your guests will like it?”

Are you f****** serious? This is definitely not what you expected when hiring your event planner. So let us at Venuescape help you by listing out some questions you MUST ask when hiring your event planner.

1. How many events do they do in a day or weekend?

You must be thinking, “that’s none of my business”, but imagine, on the day of your event your event planner is busy with another event. What if there is not enough manpower,  and BOOM, without completely completing all your work, you suddenly can’t get a hold of him?!

You pace around the entire event space to look for your event planner’s workforce, but there they are 20km away. Chill, normally they’ll explain that they have the capacity to handle more than one job per weekend. But the reason why you should definitely ask this is that it will help you manage your own expectations of how much involvement and attention you’ll have for your event!

2. What’s included in their fee?

Usually, you gotta fork out a certain amount for your event planner and expect everything to be on fleek! But trust us, even your event planner is outsourcing a lot of their services. They may be outsourcing the chairs, tables, catering services and decorators and depending on your number of pax, they may have to charge you a little extra. You probably are on a budget too, hence knowing how you’ll be charged upfront ensures that there will be no surprises or misunderstandings down the line.

Furthermore, you may choose all-in-one venues like Puteh @ Subang that provide everything, starting from food, tables & chairs, sound system, decorations and much more. Plus, this venue easily accommodates 1,000 pax, if you’re expecting a large crowd and comes with ample parking.


Want to know more about Puteh? Watch the video here or directly request for a FREE quotation here.

3. What is their area of expertise?

Ask them what types of events they mostly work on. If they mostly organise weddings, they might not be suitable for your company annual dinner. We’ll tell you why. We are not saying that they would lack knowledge in organising your company annual dinner, but it’s always better to ask if they’ve organised something similar to what you want. You cannot expect a fish to climb a tree, can you?

For corporate events, we would suggest you Setia City Convention CentreThis is also an all-in-one venue, with an amazing lush scene of green and accommodates up to 2,000 pax comfortably.



Want to know more about Setia City? Watch the video here or directly request for a FREE quotation here.

4. Who will be responsible for everything on my event day?

The person you have been contacting throughout might not be available on the day of your event so it’s always better to ask beforehand and have a good rapport with the person who will be attending to you on event day. Ask more about whether the person is a full-time staff, freelancer or an independent contractor.  A good event management company should offer you a consistent manager who will work closely with you and be on hand should you need them.

Like SkyArk Event Space is always very cooperative when it comes to planning events at their event space. The owner himself takes up all the responsibilities like it’s his own event. Not only that, this space is fully equipped with HDMI projector and screen, a stage complete with stage lighting and professional sound equipment. Its balcony area comes with a special awning which acts as a shade in case of rain. You just need to reach out and everything will be done at the snap of your finger!


Want to know more about Skyark? Watch the video here or directly request for a FREE quotation here.

5. What are their cancellation and refund policy?

No one wants to cancel their event or postpone it, but there are times when there are unavoidable circumstances, and the only last option that we have is to cancel the event. Given this situation, it’s always better to talk to your event planner beforehand. Some venues DO NOT refund at all. Calm down, calm down! There are also venues that have a certain percentage of cancellation or refund policy. Be sure to ask your event planner about this before booking!

We are always here, happy to help you with the event planning and/or venue sourcing. Call/Whatsapp us at +6016 7200 347 for immediate assistance or visit us at 


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