Venues Which Can Accommodate A Canopy

Your wedding day is undoubtedly going to be the most beautiful day, and that’s why probably you’re looking into this blog on how you can best decorate the space to reflect your personal style and set the stage for the heartfelt vows to come. You must have had a dream ever since to decorate one of those canopies with fairy lights or use your own creativity into making a stunning design.

But are you wondering, where exactly you can do all of that? To save you from all these troubles of seeking all the potential locations, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing places for you to have your dream garden wedding. Have a look at these venues which can accommodate a canopy:

Rimbun Dahan



Rimbun Dahan is a popular spot to tie the knot and we can clearly see why! Their main compound is a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms, while their outdoor comes with an outdoor pool and here’s where the cocktail reception can be held! Pop up some transparent canopies and decorate them with fairy lights at the garden and tastefully decorate the tables and pair it with chiavari chairs and voila! your reception locale is going to be stunning! Rimbun Dahan comfortably accommodates up to 400 people.

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Rendezvous Garden



If you are looking for something more laid back, the ample outside Rendezvous Garden is definitely ideal for setting up a canopy. And when it gets too hot outside, hide indoors and continue celebrating with your closest circle! Best for intimate events, choose to celebrate your and your man’s best day with only the ones who matter. This bungalow can easily accommodate up to 150 pax!

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The Diplomat KL


About The Diplomat

Amazing. In one word, this luxurious, palatial bungalow offers stunning views and feels and is pretty much amazing for any kind of event – whether it’s a big birthday bash or a glamorous  garden wedding, The Diplomat KL is a perfect fit! Accommodating up to a whopping 800 pax with an outdoor pool with a pyramid bar, garden area, private rooms, karaoke room and so much more! Put up a few canopies to steer clear of inclement whether and you can bet your event is going to be Instagram-worthy.

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Ruang, Shah Alam


If a venue with a patio, outdoor area and a double storey event space is what you’re looking for, Ruang at Shah Alam would be perfect. Why? Because their outdoor area can accommodate a canopy for various events and is perfect for those looking for an industrial yet rustic vibe. Plus, utilise your creativity to decorate their blank canvas like space in different seating arrangements ideal for private or corporate events.

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