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5 Awesome Swimming Pool Games Perfect For Your Party

Swimming pools are the perfect spot to relax, enjoy and have fun with family and friends. They certainly allow us to cool down when the temperature heats up. Just a hop into the pool, and you will feel refreshed especially on a hot day!

But have you wondered, how are you going to make use of the swimming pool facility when you host an event? You want to try something different instead of letting your attendees just swim in the pool? You surely want them to remember the best party ever. Otherwise, your party is just going to be another typical event that everyone goes to. It’s time to add some splash and some sizzle by trying out the following list of games to play in the pool.     

We have gathered 5 awesome swimming pool games perfect for your party or even a team building session that you might want to try out:

Greased watermelon

Watermelon relay

Image source: Pinterest

All you need is a watermelon and two teams! And maybe a little oil or vaseline. Grease up the watermelon and drop it in the pool. The teams then need to push the watermelon from one end of the pool to the other. One golden rule for this game is that the watermelon must always remain in the water and can never be lifted out! Once out, you lose.

The invisible bottle

bottle 2

Image source: CoolMomPicks

This fun game is also known as The Lost Bottle. It may sound simple, but it is quite challenging. You need a clear, 2-litre bottle filled with water. Everyone needs to face away from the water by staying at the opposite ends of the pool. A person then tosses the bottle in the water from outside of the pool. Once the players hear the splash, they will need to turn around and try to search for the invisi-bottle. It is much harder than it looks!

Wet T-shirt relay

Wet Tshirt

Image source: Nelson Central School

This is one interesting game. Firstly, form two teams. Each team will be given a soaking wet t-shirt. What the players need to do is to put on the wet shirt, jump in and swim across the pool. Then, they have to climb out, take off the shirt and hand it to another player from his/her team. Once a team manages to get everyone across the pool, with the T-shirt completely put on, will win the game. Exciting isn’t it?!

Squirt gun races

Squirt game

Image source: WikiHow

This game is the perfect game for kids. You will need to prepare two long strings to be tied from one end to the other end of the pool, 4 plastic cups and 2 squirt guns to move the cups. Before that, cut a hole at the bottom of the cups and place the string in the hole. 2 cups are placed on each string with the bottoms facing each other. In order to secure the cups, tape them together. Each team will then use their squirt guns to get their cups across the pool. The fastest team to finish will win the game. This certainly will be challenging for kids as they have to swim and squirt their water guns at the same time. But it will be fun to watch them play!

Cardboard boat racing


Image source: Laughlin Airforce Base

You want a more challenging game? You must give this one a try. (It is one of our favourites!) This game does not only involve the cooperation as a team but also tests your creativity. Before you can start the race, form about 3 to 4 teams. Each team needs to construct a boat out of cardboard boxes using only scissors and duck tapes. A time limit of about 10-15 mins must be set for the process of creating the boat. Once the time has ended, each team has to paddle across the pool and race with the other teams. Paddle as quickly as possible to get across the pool. The team that arrives at the finishing line the first (without sinking!) wins.

Make sure you try one these awesome games (or even all!) to have an awesome time with your family and friends in the pool. You will definitely have much more fun, trust me! If you have more exciting suggestions, share with us by dropping a comment below! If you are looking for a space in Klang Valley that offers a swimming pool for your upcoming party, do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp us at +6016 7200 347 or visit www.venuescape.my for a list of suitable venue selection. See you! 

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