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Preparation For A Surprise Birthday Party

Are you planning for a surprise birthday party for your loved ones? But you are not sure how to do it because it’s your first time? Excellent. You are at the right place. First things first, the best surprise birthday parties are a TOTAL secret and very well thought out. You want to make sure that the plan goes off without a hitch and that your guest of honour will indeed feel surprised.

We are beyond excited to share these guides to help you with your secret planning! Are you ready?! *sneaky mode ON*  

  • Pick a discreet date (Skip the birthday!)


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If you were to do a surprise on the birthday itself, it may be a little hard to turn it into a successful surprise. Try planning the party for a time your guest of honour would least expect it. You can either pick before or after the celebratory date instead of sticking to the actual one. This will avoid suspicion from your guest of honour.

  • Tell everyone (EXCEPT the birthday celebrant)

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Please take note as this step is very important. Make sure all your guests know that it’s a SURPRISE party. To make sure your guests don’t “accidentally” spill the beans, tell them individually – phone calls or face to face, up to you. Sometimes, spelling it out in CAPS will just NOT do the trick! Make sure your guest of honour as well as the people you don’t want there to find out, as you’ll be in a big trouble if these people know about your secret plan. There goes the surprise then. *oops*

  • Pick a regular spot


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To avoid your honoree from guessing, pick a place that the celebrant frequents. If you tell them you are heading to a fancy restaurant in town, we can bet you the guest of honour will figure out your plan out. If you were to bring them to the same favourite spot both of you always go to, you’ll minimize the chances of having the surprise be ruined. If McDonald’s is their favourite place, then McDonald’s it is!

  • Set a time

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This is specifically for your guests. Make it clear on your invitation the time you want them to arrive. We’d suggest it should be at least 30-45 minutes before you expect the guest of honour to make it to the surprise event. You knowlah, Malaysian timing, bro. People are always late to parties anyway, right? 

  • Make OTHER plans with the celebrant


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Yes, OTHER plans. You actually make other plans with them to reserve their time, and of course to keep the party a secret! These plans are also crucial to make sure that your guest of honor is dressed appropriately. It really doesn’t matter what your plans are – movie, bowling, spa day etc, up to you. As long as they don’t find out about the surprise, then you’re good. *thumbs up*

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! We hope your surprise birthday party is a success. What’s important is you enjoy and have fun. Loads of fun! For any event related queries or venue sourcing, do not hesitate to contact us at +60 16-7200 347. Also, visit our website for more information. All the best!


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