Pick a Venue that has EVERYTHING!

Some venues, like Armada Hotel, do not only provide general amenities, but they also provide insane pricetags that go along with their packages, and when I say insane, I mean insanely affordable and time effective! Whether it’s a wedding, annual dinner or even a birthday party, here are some corners you can definitely cut and save when hosting your event at Armada Hotel in Petaling Jaya.



Most venues that come with amenities will save you the cost of renting tables and chairs, basic PA system, and much more! Saving cost on these things can help free up some budget for more important things, like Beer, Vodka, Whiskey, other alcoholic beverages, you know, the bare necessities. Oh, and food or whatever.



With the stress of planning an event, whether it is a wedding or product launch, the number of things that you have to plan is ridiculous! So if you are lazy like me, I mean smart like me, then choosing a venue that checks off a couple things from your list can save a lot of time!


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Not to sound shallow, but especially for events, aesthetics are everything. Renting a venue that provides their own amenities will provide the best look for your event, which is much better than renting tables and chairs that don’t work with the venue theme or a PA system that is not supported!

Cool stuff


Some venues will provide amazing cool amenities. And Armada Hotel has the very cool Merchant Bar, Merchant Live and kickass karaoke suites equipped with a pool table, a karaoke machine, an e-darts machine and so much more! So you know, the after party venue is sor-ted!

That’s all folks! For more about Armada Hotel read here, and check out this free virtual tour of Armada Hotel.

We hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for more! For venues within Klang Valley and Penang, visit or contact us at +6016-7200 347. Ciao!


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