What The Groom Should Know

It’s September which means we are in the midst of wedding season. Hopefully all of the big things are planned. A lot of time goes into booking the venue, deciding on the menu and everything else that goes along with making your wedding an experience to be remembered by all. We’re down to the wire now, and while the bride probably has a Pinterest board filled with hair and makeup inspiration, the grooms prep is an entirely different story. You may be reading this and thinking, “what does the groom possibly have to do to get ready for the wedding?” And that right there is the misconception we’re aiming to break.

While there are certainly fewer decisions to be made on the grooms part. There are still things he needs to think about when it comes perfecting his wedding day appearance. Here are some important tips to keep top of mind:

  • Fine-Tune Your Face

Escape by Naai

Image: Escape by Naai

You may already realize this, but all eyes are going to be on the bride and groom all day long. So it’s important to master your facial hair look. That starts with having fresh razors and shaving products. Brands like Harry’s offer subscription services that send you products on a schedule so you’re never shaving with a dull razor. That also means no extra errands to go and buy new product. It’s delivered right to your door, hassle free! It’s important to practice precision and find your lines so that your face looks top-notch as your bride makes her way down the aisle. Even if you’re sporting a beard, you always want to ensure that your look appears to be purposeful and not accidental. Take a few weeks before the big day to really pay attention to your shave routine and make sure you’re prepared to get the look you want when the day comes.

  • Have A Hairstyle


Image: Popsugar Australia

If you’re planning to rock the same haircut on your wedding day, this tip may seem redundant. However, if you’re aiming to try a new style and cut it’s best to test it out a month or two before your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to master styling your new do and find the best products to hold it together for a full day. You’re going to want your look to remain intact all day and through the evening. The photographer is sure to catch some great action shots on the dancefloor, so consider using some long lasting product and ensure every hair remains in its place. Not sure where to look? Sephora offers a complete men’s hair care section that contains a variety of different brands and products.

  • Shape Your Brows

salon success academy

Image: Salon Success Academy

You can’t master your hairstyle and facial hair and then pay no mind to your eyebrows. With the rest of yourself in check, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Take a look at those bushy brows and take the time to trim them up. Take the tweezers and eliminate and stray hairs that don’t follow your natural brow line. Not confident in what you’re supposed to pluck? Enlist the help of your bride or a trusted friend to tame the caterpillars that are likely sitting above your eyes.

  • Reduce and Relax


There is a lot of stress that comes with getting married. You not only want your day to be perfect for you and your bride, but you want all in attendance to share a memorable day. This can really take a toll on you both mentally and physically, even if you don’t realize it. Make sure you take the time to disconnect and get out. Go for walks, go to the park, or get to the gym. You don’t have to go with the intent to lose weight or get your “perfect” body, but working off some pent up stress will do wonders for your body and soul leading up to your big day. Fitness trackers like Fitbit allow you to set goals and even create challenges with friends and family. It’s a fun way to get out and involve your bride in the process!

There you have it. Some easy ways for the groom to prepare for his wedding day in advance. Remember, no matter what your day is going to be filled with love and happiness. Embrace all that the day brings! If you’re still behind on the planning logistics, don’t hesitate to browse our site, for information on planning your event!