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The Most Common Body Shapes

Hi ladies! Do you know what is your body shape? Have you ever wondered about this? Oh well, if you don’t, you might be wearing the wrong clothes for your body shape. If you wish to dress well, you need to dress with your body shape in mind. Let us look at the five common body shapes!

P/S: Before that, you need to measure yourself. Guessing probably wouldn’t be the best way because mirrors can be deceiving! Just grab a measuring tape and measure the four most important body parts that contribute to your shape which are the shoulders, bust, waist and hips. If you’ve measured, keep the measurements with you and soon you’ll discover what your body shape is!


If your bust is larger than your hip section, you are definitely apple-shaped. Your shoulders are broad and round. Your hips, on the other hand, are quite narrow. Your waist is less defined but you have good and slimmer legs. You tend to put on weight at the upper body section first as compared to the rest.


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This is probably the shape that most women dream of.  You have full bust and well-defined narrow waist. Your waist is obvious and curves out gracefully to your hips. The bust and hips section are well balanced (equal in measurements). Your shoulders are aligned nicely with the hips as they are proportionally balanced. Your rounded bottom gives you a beautiful side as well as front profile. In general, you have a curvy body.


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Your hips are typically large but you have quite a tiny bust (as compared to the size of your hips). You have a nicely well-defined waist with narrow shoulders. Pear shaped people tend to first gain weight in their bottom and legs followed by the tummy and upper body. Your hips and thighs are full and you have rounded bottom. Your waist is the best asset. Time to show those curves!


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You know you have a straight body shape (or rectangle) if you have the same measurements for all the sections of your body. Since you have an undefined waist, you do not have many curves which contribute a straight look to your body. If you were to gain weight, your torso will be the first followed by your upper thighs and arms. One of your best assets will be your lower legs because they are shapely.


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Inverted triangle

The typical characteristic of this body type is you have a proportionally larger upper body. This is why this type is also known as the athletic body type. Your shoulder are broad and you have ample bust as well as a wide back. Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side. Besides that, you have a subtle waist. Inverted triangle-shaped people tend to gain in your belly and upper body. Your best asset will be your legs!


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There you go, the five most common body shapes. Manage to figure out which body shape is yours? Great! All of us come in different sizes and shapes. Whatever it is, remember to always love your body and be confident!

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