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Reasons To Book A Bungalow For Your Birthday

Turning 21? 25? Or is it your dirty 30? Heck, it doesn’t even matter as any birthday is a good time to celebrate in style with family and friends. Now, let us give you good reasons to book a bungalow for your next birthday!

1. For the extra space


Now, if your home cannot accommodate 100 people, fret not as there are many bungalows which can double up as event spaces around for you to use for the day! There are massive bungalows and private estates which range from super luxurious to extremely chill, ideal for most milestone birthdays. If you are turning 50, a lavish, exclusive space would be the best fit to impress your friends and family. And why not? Turning 50 is classy, flaunt a little. Throw a party like Gatsby and party like Gatsby because, a little party hurt nobody, right?

The Diplomat KL is a palatial private estate available to host your event as it screams luxurious in numerous ways! It is sure an ideal place for your big birthday as it can accommodate up to 300 pax in its garden area. It is also one of the latest exclusive event venues in Kuala Lumpur and features breath-taking vistas, comprehensive event support and exclusive facilities.

2. For the poolside and garden vibes


Who doesn’t like pools and playing with water? I know I do! And pool parties are awesome, and if that’s what you’re looking for, most bungalows DO come with a swimming pool. But if you aren’t looking to have a pool party, fret not, the poolside ambience is just as great and is awesome when there’s a platform above the pool for you to feel like you’re dancing on water! Oh man, that’s just too good to be true, isn’t it?

It’s not, because guess what? The Diplomat KL has an amazing swimming pool with an even more amazing poolside, complete with a poolside pyramid bar too! WOAH! Imagine having your friends and family by the poolside terrace with a cold one in hand as you immerse yourself in the stunning views and dream of the great beyond. Sounds perfect right?

3. For the privacy


Now, we know there are many spaces and places where you can celebrate your party but if you are looking for ultimate privacy without being in a large crowd, then hosting your event at a bungalow is ideal as you know you and your guests will be the only ones occupying the space.

The Diplomat KL is a private residence with all the luxurious amenities of a 5-star hotel. It’s located along Perkarang Tun Ismail,  just a 10 minutes’ drive from Jabatan Kerja Raya and Memorial Tun Hussein Onn.

4. For the additional services


You know what is the ultimate reason to host an event at a bungalow (that is not your own)? You don’t have to worry about the cleaning up bit. I remember my mother used to be so happy during our open house but got so angry when the party’s about to end because that meant we had to stay up for the next 2 hours cleaning up the mess! But by having your event elsewhere, you can create the mess and have someone else clean it up for you! *evil grin*


Not only that, bungalow venues are usually beautiful and perfect as is but somebody’s gotta worry about inclement weather, the food, and the decoration if needed. Which means you will need to source out the canopies, the food and everything else in between.

However, bungalows like The Diplomat KL offers canopies, tables and chairs and catering options all for an additional cost (of course) but ensuring you don’t have to go through the headache of sourcing for these services on your own. Also, at an additional charge, you may rent buggies for your guests as the parking lot is a drive down from the mansion.

All these would be a grand highlight for planning your birthday at The Diplomat KL this year! And if you are thinking of planning your engagement or your wedding at The Diplomat KL, hesitate not! IT IS THE PERFECT VENUE! For more bungalow options, check out 10 Bungalows Which Double Up As Venues For Events. You can also contact us at +016-7200 347 or head over to www.venuescape.my for more venues options!