The Different Types Of Travelers

Some people would rather choose to spend their money and time on material possessions, such as a new house or a car than a trip to a new place. Some, however, prefers to travel to new destinations to gain new experiences. Some also travels to learn about the culture of others while some do it for self discovery. People travel for many different reasons!

While travelling with your family or group of friends, have you ever realised if they have different travelling styles than you? We bet you do! Maybe your mum is the type that plans everything from A to Z, while your best friend/travel buddy prefers to take photos of every angle of the city and you, on the other hand, just love to do all the challenging stuff when travelling!

Below are the different categories of traveler that we may fall into. Let’s find out what’s yours!

  • The Planner


Image credit: Boston Magazine

This group of people plans out every second of every day to make sure they are able to travel smoothly! The Planner does a lot and a lot of research on the destination they are visiting to. They are very good in planning and have a set schedule that needs to be followed. Since they are very organised travelers, everything is thoroughly planned!

  • The Adventurer


Image credit: Travel Savvy

These people are the complete opposites of “The Planner”. They absolutely have no plans and just go with the flow. They are not afraid to get lost and are always up for new challenges in order to explore the great things in life through travelling! It’s interesting to see where The Adventurers would end up every day!

  • The Photographer

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Image credit: Today Show

Ah-ha, I think all of us belong in this category! They travel to capture the natural beauty and Instagram them to create beautiful posts and stories. Taking photos is a good idea as the memories that they made when travelling tend to fade with time. They definitely don’t believe that taking photos makes them miss out on the travel experience!

  • The Partier


Image credit: Travel Talk Tours

This group of travelers think of going to party at anytime of the day. They will wake up in the morning at 8AM and already think of a place to party for the rest of the day. The Partier desires to get away from their realities once in a while, especially when travelling!

  • The Budgeter


These people basically spend everything on a budget. From accommodation, transportation and all the way to food. They may travel anywhere they like but with tight travelling budgets. All they can ever think of is to save money! Their favourite destination is where expenses are less and fun in full swing. *Students can definitely relate*

So have you managed to identify which category you fall into? Share it with us 🙂 By the way, we are always happy to help you with venue sourcing for your event. Call/Whatsapp us at +6016 7200 347 for immediate assistance or visit us at! Toodles!