5 Creative Ideas For Networking Sessions

Why do you need to network? As if social networking wasn’t enough for, that now you need to go and physically network around with people. But let’s face it! According to the Forbes Insights survey, 85% of people build stronger, more meaningful relationships during a face-to-face interaction.

That calls in for more networking parties! Yayy! And not to make your networking parties so dull, we have come up with 5 ideas that will help you turn networking at your next event into a memorable experience.

1. Speed networking

Sounds more like speed dating. But other than that, it’s an efficient way of growing your network really reeeally fast! This format consists of a set amount of rounds with a set amount of time per round, and attendees rotate accordingly. To make it easier for people to move along, get them to sit in two parallel rows facing each other. This is exactly the kind of seating arrangement you can easily do at iSpace TTDi. This is a new and trendy space for small networking events to host on. It has all the facilities you need in every room and their business hour is flexible. iSpace TTDI has a simple yet vibrant feel. They painted green and white for almost all the walls Besides that, the rental fee is also affordable. Overall, a great event space to host your events!



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2. Roundtable networking

A roundtable discussion is a powerful way of communicating your ideas and collaborate through open discussion among attendees. You can group the attendees based on their industry, job title, region, preferred themes for discussion. As advantageous as the seating arrangement already is, the environment around makes it better. L’Motichan is an ideal space for you to carry out a roundtable networking! You can choose to stand outside in the balcony area near the swimming pool with your drink in your hand and network with whom you found the best!

L'motichan 3

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3. Targeted connections

Targeted connections is a genius option for networking. Ask us how you can do that? We’ll tell you. Slice some fruits as an appetizer for your guests and create a list of who likes the same fruit and that would be it! Let them connect by themselves and mingle around throughout the networking session. This makes it much easier for event organizers, as they don’t have to worry about fitting networking time in with individual schedules of hundreds or thousands of attendees. If you’re looking for convenient venues located in Subang, Ruang is a good option. One more thing about Ruang is, it’s easily accessible via public transport.


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4. Competitive Networking

If you wish to network in a more fun and interesting way, spice it up with some competition. We believe that through competitive networking, a friendly competition between networkers will provide a natural ice-breaker that can generate a fantastic atmosphere for networking. For instance, you can assign each person to collect as many business cards as possible by the end of the event and see who meets the most people. UKM-GSB City Campus is ideal! Aiming to promote productivity with their high quality indoor environment, networkers will feel comfortable to carry out any networking activities at this venue.


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5. Icebreakers

Last but not least, the traditional yet perfect way to connect people; ice-breaking. You get people to interact among each other to make them feel comfortable in a group of strangers. For instance, activities like scavenger hunt and human bingo will help people learn more about each other. Ice breaking sessions are the kind of event that you can do at Space seven, Shah Alam. With a spacious, elegant and comfortable space, Space seven is ideal for ice-breaking sessions. Your networking activities can be carried out comfortably at Space Seven as it has both indoor and outdoor areas!


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