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The Extraordinary Ampang Glasshouse

With so many different venue choices to choose from, selecting the most perfect and suitable space for your event can be pretty difficult. But what does it take to establish a successful event venue in KL these days? We speak to the humble owner of Ampang Glasshouse, Swan Lum, about how she ventured into the events line, a territory unknown to her at that time. Little did she know then that her venue would quickly grow to become one of the most sought after venues in 2019!  

As swimming pool specialist and contractors, their office features an outdoor garden with a swimming pool for clients to have a look at their work. Going the extra mile, she decided to throw her daughter a themed poolside birthday party whereby she transformed the venue to replicate a circus complete with game stalls and ticketing booths. The rest, as they say, is history as guests fell in love with the venue which then sparked the curiosity of transforming it into a viable business.

Tucked away from KL’s hustle and bustle, Ampang Glasshouse is located only 20 minutes from the KL city centre, and is tastefully designed for a range of events and offers a unique event experience encompassing 4 different spaces spread across three levels. Whether you are looking to exchange vows or display your latest clothing line, this venue is aesthetically versatile and can be transformed to best suit your event.

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Airy, bright coupled with its glamorous and stylish interiors and offers a contemporary twist is the best way to describe Ampang Glasshouse.

The cute entrance which truly stands out awaits you when you first locate Ampang Glasshouse and stunning lobby welcomes you when you first step into the venue. The ground floor offers so much character with its floor to ceiling door mirrors and a bold lounger sofa area. On the same floor is a dressing room that can double up as a make-up room/feeding room which is accessible only with an access card promising you the privacy you require. Ampang Glasshouse 6

Take the elevator right up to the space that gave Ampang Glasshouse its name, the rooftop is a combination of the poolside garden and the glasshouse. Apart from the unique glass swimming pool, the outdoor garden also has a fish pond, a gazebo and is complete with weather-resistant awnings in case of inclement weather.

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The garden can fit up to four 12 seater round tables while the glasshouse can be fitted with seven Viking style tables each seating 8 pax. During the day, natural sunlight bathes the airy, bright glasshouse while at night, the moonlight sets the right mood offering the elegant simplicity most planners crave these days.

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There really are no words to best describe how beautiful it can get but Swan Lum shares with us her favourite time of day:

“While the magic hour is usually during sunset, the perfect hour at Ampang Glasshouse is between 7 to 8pm where you get to witness nightfall and KL’s scenic skylights.”

A VIP room is also easily accessible and is fitted with a countertop and a karaoke system making it suitable as a waiting area or another space for private lounging. Additionally, a full kitchen with a fridge, chiller, and grill is available for hire on the same floor and is ideal for live cooking.

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The second floor is a space called The Cave and is designed with wooden panelled walls and offers a fitting ambience for smaller events. This space can seat up to 72 pax comfortably and also comes with a private room and a small balcony.

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The entire venue can accommodate events up to 180 pax at a price point that is affordable especially with the kind of facilities that is included with the rental. Apart from the elevator making it a wheelchair friendly venue, Ampang glasshouse also provides audio-visual facilities together with its rental. The venue comes with a DJ console, speakers, a projector and karaoke system.

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Having already played host to many big name events, Ampang Glasshouse has proven to be an ideal venue space for its décor, design and unique layout provide a fitting ambience for best memorable events. Weddings, birthday parties, ROM ceremonies, corporate events including product launches, fashion shows or even kids parties, Ampang Glasshouse should be your next event venue.

What else are you waiting for? Book Ampang Glasshouse here.

Don’t hesitate to Whatsapp or call us at +6016 7200 347 if you have any inquiries. You can also drop us a comment below! In the meantime, head over to for a list of venue suggestions. Toodles!

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  • By Ken Wai

    It's a nightmare renting this venue ! My greatest regret for booking this place.Person-In-Charge and Management are extremely POOR, can you imagine you triple checked your wedding date with them, placed deposit to book the date. They can tell you their system error and that date already booked, ask you to change date after you have arranged everrything! Not just that, their person-in-charge are lazy and no responsibility and never follow up with customer, because of that we have to change our wedding dinner menu very very last minute DURING OUR WEDDING DAY ! Can you imagine that ?! Our wedding almost got ruined by them ! Last but not least, their so-called refundable deposit they will give very lame excuse to deduct from it, until i am so frustrated that i want to complain to the kpdnkk then only they willing to refund to me. Think twice before you book with this venue, unless you are ready to face all the troublesome , otherwise with the same price there's a lot of other options you can choose, good luck !

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    • By Venuescape

      Hi Ken Wai, We are very sorry to hear about your experience :( We will inform the venue owners regarding this. Thanks and have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

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