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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Venues That Are Close To Public Transport

Many view public transportation as not entirely comfortable as compared to the use of your own vehicle, but it is one of the most amazing and easy ways to travel. Other than a venue’s location, amenities and cost, sourcing venues that are easily reachable by public transportation is as important when it comes to choosing the perfect one. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider looking for venues that are close to public transportation:

1. To avoid traffic congestion

Believe it or not, the traffic across the major cities in Malaysia can be pretty bad at times. This is even worse if it happens during your event! Your guests may get stuck in traffic and not make it in time. Don’t we all agree that we hate traffic jams? In order to address the problem, choosing a venue like Colony Coworking Space, KLCC can help your guests to avoid traffic congestion. It is located just few minutes away from KLCC LRT Station, Bukit Bintang MRT Station and also Raja Chulan Monorail Station, so your guests can opt for public transport to get to your venue. They can also travel here by bus!

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2. To save money

One of the cost-effective ways to get to a destination is to use public transports. Your guests will be able to save all the money directed to miscellaneous expenses if they have access to trains, buses or monorails. They can save a lot not only on petrol, but also on parking fees as well if they don’t drive. Parking fees at some venues can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a venue that has access to public transportation, Get Space at Ara Damansara is ideal! It is located in a convenient location with a direct link to Lembah Subang LRT station.

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3. To increase mobility

The availability of public transport opens up personal mobility to your guests, giving them the freedom to reach at a venue conveniently. If some of your guests are unable to drive, choosing venues near public transportation will give them an alternative to get to the venue. Ruang, Subang is one of the venues that you can consider as it is located just 2 minutes walking distance from SS18 LRT station.


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4. To save the environment

One of the best things you can do to help reduce global warming and air pollution is to get out of your car. The availability of public transports at your event venue will encourage people to use them. The usage of public transport will significantly reduce the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions generated each day. WORQ Coworking Space at Glo Damansara is also easily accessible via public transport. It is located right by TTDI MRT Station and takes about 7 mins to get there from the station! 


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5. To stay healthy

Public transportation is often linked to healthier lifestyles. The exercise people get walking to and from bus stops, train stations and homes make them active. Getting active helps people to stay healthy by lowering the risk of many serious diseases. When choosing venues near public transportation, your guests are ensured of some extra physical activity to get to the venue. A venue like My Private Space Asia at KL Sentral will help you get a little exercise! 

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