Breakout Sessions Are Important And Here’s Why

Corporate events like conferences and seminars often feature breakout sessions on the agenda. A breakout session is a relatively short session when participants are broken up into smaller groups after the main presentation. These sessions take place in a more specialized or intimate setting where participants discuss and express ideas about a particular topic.

When hosting a corporate function involving presentations or seminar, breakout sessions can greatly benefit your event. Here are 5 reasons why we think breakout sessions are important for your corporate events:

To share ideas

The ultimate goal of a breakout session is for participants to express their ideas and raise questions concerning a topic. It is somewhat difficult to express your own opinions and thoughts when you are engaged in a large session. Sharing ideas, opinions and concerns become easier during breakout sessions. A venue like UKM-GSB City Campus is ideal for breakout sessions as it is can be partitioned into smaller rooms. Also, as you can see, the tables and chairs are perfect for this!


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To encourage engagement

Since breakout session groups are small, participants, especially the quieter ones will feel much more comfortable to share their ideas as compared to when they are in a large audience. Instituting smaller groups allow every voice to be heard as compared to a larger audience. Choosing a venue like iSpace TTDI allows you to conduct breakout sessions for your event. The venue is a great choice as it offers all the facilities you need in every room.

iSpace TTDI

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To participate actively

When participants are engaged in a discussion, there is a higher possibility that they will participate more actively to share their ideas. Since they tend to be passive audience members during main presentation sessions, breakout sessions will give them the opportunity to be the opposite. If you’re looking to host a team building event smack in the middle of nature with lush greenery and natural foliage, a space like Glamz at Genting is perfect! One of a kind, and offers glamping style accommodation too. It has a common area which is suitable for a brainstorming session for your event.

Glamz Genting

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To network

A breakout session is an efficient way of growing your network. Face-To-Face interaction during breakout sessions can be used as an opportunity to meet new people. Networking leads to new relationships as well as new business opportunities. Ruang, Shah Alam is a good option if you are planning to host a small scale corporate event. Your attendees will feel comfortable to carry out breakout sessions at this venue.

Ruang Shah Alam

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To reduce stress

Another important benefit of incorporating breakout sessions to your event is it reduces stress. Breakout sessions don’t always need to revolve around the conference theme. Try adding a couple breakout sessions that balance both work and home life for a more relaxing event, which is a great way to reduce stress. A venue that is ideal for you to incorporate breakout sessions to your event is Cornerstone. The conference rooms here are equipped with cutting edge facilities perfect for your corporate event!

Cornerstone 1

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