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BBQ Party Tips To Impress Your Guests

Hosting barbeque parties are always fun, especially the ones with our family and friends! As much as we enjoy grilling up a juicy bbq chicken dinner, it’s better when it is enjoyed with friends and family. They serve as the perfect excuse to have fun outdoors and to just have a party really.

This time around, we are going to help you with some useful tips to run a bbq party smoothly. It all comes down to keeping your guests happy, relaxed and impressed at the same time!

Prep your food


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The food should be ready to grill when your guests arrive. Preparing beforehand like pre-cooking the potatoes or wrapping food in foil is essential to save time. Trust us, you’ll enjoy the cookout more if you just focus on barbeque-ing the food instead. You don’t want your guests to arrive while you’re still chopping vegetables and forming burger patties!

Serve snacks


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Coleslaw, potato salad and skewers are great bbq snacks. They come in handy while your guests are waiting for the grill. Remember to set up a snack table away from the cooking. You don’t want your guests to congregate around the grill because the cook needs his/her space!

Side dishes


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Other than the mains and the snacks, you should have yummy side dishes. No barbeque is complete without some tempting baked beans, salads, corns and grilled potatoes. You can even ask your guests to bring the side dishes and desserts for the party! The more food you have, the merrier it is to feed everyone.

Serve drinks


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This goes without saying but don’t focus too much on preparing food that you forget about drinks! A good supply of drinks will keep everyone cool and refresh, especially on a hot day. There are many beverages that are ideal for a bbq party, so you’re sure to find something for everyone. Other than offering a variety of alcoholic drinks, serve non-alcoholic drinks as well for kids and guests who don’t drink alcohol. Stock a cooler with ice, bottled waters, juice boxes, beer, wine and other beverages. 

Have fun!


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Once everything else is prepared, the only thing left to do is have fun! That’s the whole point of hosting a bbq party. 🙂

We hope you find these tips come in handy when hosting your next bbq party! If you ever need assistance in finding a venue or planning an event, go on and give us a call at +6016-7200 347 for assistance, or visit Toodles!