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Popular ‘Buka Puasa’ Food During Fasting Month

We can’t believe that half of Ramadan is already over! Fasting from the break of dawn to dusk can be a challenging experience and it will no doubt leave you starving for food.  

Whether you are fasting or not, what’s for ‘buka puasa’ is always a question on everyone’s mind. Buuuuuut don’t worry, here’s a list of must-eat food for you to break fast. You have few more days till this holy month is over, so quickly grab them before it’s too late!

  • Dates

dates (medical news today)

Image credit: Medical News Today

The most popular food during the month of Ramadan is none other than dates. Whether you are at a pasar malam or groceries store, you can easily spot them being sold almost everywhere! Dates are an excellent source of fibre, sugar and carbohydrate which will aid the body in maintaining good health. Since fasting lasts for so many hours during the day, they are the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy!

  • Bubur lambuk

Bubur lambuk (urban adventures)

Image credit: Urban Adventures

Cooked with coconut milk, minced meat, dried shrimp and other delicious ingredients, Bubur Lambuk is also a popular food during the fasting month. It is a type of porridge that is usually prepared through gotong-royong in a big group to serve other people food to break fast. Besides it being delicious and easy to be made, Bubur Lambuk acts as a comfort food too as it is nutritious!  

  • Roti John

Roti John (Friedchillies)

Image credit: Friedchillies

By offering a longer, almost baguette like shaped bread, Roti John is another popular ‘buka puasa’ food that you wouldn’t want to miss. This omelette sandwich is stuffed with eggs, meat, vegetables and finished with a whole lot of sauces. This union of savoury goodness will take your breathe away!

  • Murtabak

Murtabak (Food advisor)

Image credit: Food Advisor

Murtabak can also be found outside of Ramadan, but you have to agree with us that it tastes extra good during this fasting month. This variation of roti canai can be found at almost every bazaar you visit to. You can choose to have this delicious dish with either beef or chicken filling!

  • Ayam percik

Ayam percik (Friedchillies)

Image credit: Friedchillies

The taste of ayam percik will blow your mind! This dish that’s anything but boring is a Malaysian roasted chicken coated with creamy and spiced coconut milk sauce. It is mildly spicy but has a slight sweetness to it and packed with so much flavour from different spices combined. You are going to love it as much as we do!

  • Tepung pelita

Tepung Pelita (Blog Traveloka)

Image credit: Blog Traveloka

Tepung Pelita is a two layer dessert that is made mainly of pandan and santan, steamed in a banana leaf. This delicate and flavourful dessert is perfect for your ‘buka puasa’! If you want to taste the best Tepung Pelita ever, you MUST look for Tepung Pelita Paya Jaras. With the tagline “rasa sebulan rindu setahun”, you’ll surely gonna miss it when Ramadan is over!

We hope you’ve found what to eat for your ‘buka puasa’! Don’t forget to head over to and start searching for venues to break fast this Ramadan! If you need any assistance in looking for a venue or event management assistance, contact us or WhatsApp us at 016-7200 347.

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