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Circus In Germany Uses Holograms Instead Of Animals

As I was scrolling my Facebook the other day, I came across a really interesting article which I think needs to be shared with the world. A circus in Germany is being praised for its decision to stop using animals and combat animal cruelty in the industry by using holograms for a cruelty-free magical experience. How cool is that?!

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We’ve all heard the horror stories about circus animals and how tigers have collapsed after jumping through a ring of fire, elephants being locked in cages, wild animals being abused and many more just to entertain us, humans. Bears, tigers, elephants and other animals do not perform tricks because they want to, but because they are afraid of what will happen if they don’t.

More and more people across the world are banning or restricting the use of animals in circuses because of concerns about animal mistreatment. Some of these circuses are walking in the opposite direction by resorting to the latest available technologies. This allows people to enjoy the sight of animals in full action without any of them being mistreated. Lots of animals aren’t always treated well in circuses.

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The circus in Germany called Circus Roncalli has taken a step further by replacing animals with realistic holograms and is the first in the world to do so. The idea came to the founder of Circus Roncalli, Bernhard Paul when he was watching the NFL Super Bowl half-time show in 2018. After the show where Justin Timberlake was singing alongside a hologram of the music legend Prince, Bernhard Paul was determined to make the technique work within his circus.

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They recently decided to replace the animals with 11 projectors, as well as lasers and lenses to create the 3D holograms and other projections in their show and the results are spectacular. The animations made by computer are projected to life-size where animals such as elephants, wild horses, monkeys and fish can do acrobatics and other interesting tricks on stage.

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The fact that these people were able to bring such technology to life and no animals were involved amazed me in so many ways. This could be the future of circus shows. Hopefully, the other circuses around the world will follow suit. We must support animal-free circuses only to stop the mistreatment 🙂

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