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5 Reasons To Choose Nature-Inspired Venues

Nature-inspired venues have continued to become everyone’s favourite when it comes to events, especially weddings. Complete with amazing setups at picture-perfect venues surrounded by nature.

If you are still curious about why you should choose nature-inspired venues for your next event, let us convince you! Here are 5 reasons why:

Irresistible beauty

What more can you ask for? Having a wedding surrounded by greenery can make you feel closer to one of God’s greatest creations–nature, which is just irresistible. Check out Glam Hall for instance, while they have a ballroom for formal events, their little garden space is a great setup for the exchange of vows, cocktail area, or just for guests to step out to take a breather. 


Capacity: 800 pax seated

Interested? Book Glam Hall with us here!

Beautiful pictures

Another thing to love about nature-inspired weddings is that they look really good in photographs. Instaworthy, if you will and you know you WILL do it for the gram. On top of perfect natural lighting, pictures will look extra ahmayzing by lush greens and tropical blooms that can be seen around. Some venues also offer a great atmosphere with outdoor seating areas such as Ampang Glasshouse. It is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery with a scenic view perfect for photography sessions too! Be sure to catch the magic hour for that picture perfect snap!

Ampang Glasshouse 7

Capacity: 180 pax seated

What else are you waiting for? Book Ampang Glasshouse here.

Fresh air

Nature-inspired venues allow you to enjoy breathing in the fresh air, so you can feel more relaxed. The air definitely feels different when you are surrounded by nature. With stunning scenery to serve as your event’s backdrop, Glamz at Genting is the perfect nature-inspired venue for you to host any events. Not only do you get to take in all that freshness, but you can also escape the rush of the city for the cool Genting Highlands air!


Capacity: 350 pax seated

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Light on the pockets

You no longer have to spend a bulk of your budget of decoration since the venue alone and what can be seen from there are already mesmerizing. I mean, what can beat natural beauty, am I right? A venue like Glasshouse at Seputeh is that venue offering an indoor garden, dressed in lush greenery and topped with a sky of stars. 


Capacity: 400 seated

Book or request for a FREE quotation here.

Peaceful atmosphere

Another thing to love about nature-inspired venues is that they exude a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Since living in a city can be quite hectic, pretty sure some time away from the bustle will do some good for you and your guests! These venues will give you a sense of peace and tranquillity. As a venue that is located amidst lush greenery, Templer Ballroom is ready to host your event!


Capacity: 500 pax seated

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