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Wedding Outfit Ideas For Your Furry Friends

Everyone at a wedding deserves a special outfit, including your pets. Since they have become a part of your family, we know how sometimes you can get so attached to your furry friends that you must include them on your wedding day. 

Whether you’re dressing up your pets to participate in your own marital vows or even for his or her own wedding, you’ll want your four-legged pal looking wonderful! Check out these adorable pieces for them:

Cat of honor wedding bandana

Cat of Honor (Hello Hazel Co.)

Image credit: Hello Hazel Co

This one goes out to your cat of honor. If you are planning for a rustic wedding, the burlap bandana seems to work well!

Dog wedding bow tie

Dog wedding bow tie (Etsy)

Image credit: Etsy

Some pets hate wearing clothes, so opt for something more subtle like a bow tie. It will add a dash of elegance and stylishness to your handsome furry friend.

Formal dog suit

Dog suit (

Image credit:

If you wish to go all out for your pup, dress him up in an incredibly suave suit which is also perfect for any special occasion. 

Black cat tuxedo

Black cat tuxedo

Image credit: Etsy

Let your cat match the rest of your groomsman in this outfit. He is going to stand out the most!

Cat wedding dress

Cat wedding dress (amazon)

Image credit: Amazon

This adorable dress is the perfect fit for your furry baby. If you want something fancy, dress them up in a floral dress or even a dress that matches your wedding dress. How adorable will that be?!

Dog wedding collar

Dog wedding collar (FairyTail Pet Care)

Image credit: FairyTail Pet Care

Buy a base that is made from quality material so that your furry best friend will feel comfortable throughout the event. Your dog will dazzle the crowd in this outfit!

Dog wedding leash

Dog leash (Martha Stewert Weddings)

Image credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

If your fur babies will be walking down the aisle at your wedding, this outfit idea is the most ideal. Wedding dog leashes can add some swagger to your doggies special walk! Especially suitable for pets who hate wearing clothes!

Wedding bow ties

bow tie (Sam & Louise Photography)

Image credit: Sam & Louise Photography

Whether you are bringing your cat, dog or even rabbit, this outfit is the simplest yet adorable. Skip the whole dress and tuxedo because your four-legged friend just needs a bow tie instead!

And if you’re out of ideas, use one of your old garments and make something out of it for your furry pal!


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Featured image credit: Kristen Castillo