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Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

When you are throwing a baby shower, you need to make sure that not only is it fun and memorable for the mommy-to-be, but it is also entertaining for the guests! Check out these cool baby shower games that you and your guests might actually like: 

Baby shower bingo

Baby shower bingo (Tulamama)

Image credit: Tulamama

If you want to play a game that doesn’t require a lot of prep, baby shower bingo is the one for you. Before the mommy-to-be begins to unwrap all of her adorable gifts, hand each guest a bingo card. The cards will be filled out with potential baby shower gifts. As the guest of honour is opening her presents, players will mark off their boxes. Whoever completes a row, column or diagonal first wins! 

Pregnant twister

Pregnant twister (Pinterest)

Image credit: Pinterest

Have guests strap on fake baby bellies and navigate their way through a game of Twister. You can blow up balloons and stuff them up their shirts to create pregnant bellies. Let the real pregnant lady judge this game from the sidelines!

Name the baby poop

Name that poop (Pinterest)

Image credit: Pinterest

This game is pretty gross (you’ll never look at your favourite chocolates the same way again!) but trust us, it is so much fun! Melt different types of chocolate bars in baby diapers and let your guests guess what chocolate it is (oh well, at least these diapers smell good :P). They are only allowed to use their sense of smell and sight to name the baby poop!

Blind folded diaper changing

Diaper change (Pinterest)

Image credit: Pinterest

All you need for this game is some diapers and life-sized baby dolls. The game is pretty self-explanatory – let you guests race to see who can change the baby doll’s diaper the fastest while being blindfolded. Sounds easy but can be pretty challenging especially for dads! 

Tie your shoes

Tie your shoe (youtube)

Image credit: youtube

Let your guests feel the challenge of being a pregnant woman through this game. Guests need to tie their shoes by putting balloons under their shirts. Whoever gets to do this without popping the balloon wins!

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