Meet Phoenix: Malaysia’s First Hijabi Pro Wrestler

Do you know that we have our very own pro wrestler who actually dons a hijab on stage? If you don’t then let us tell you about her!

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Image credit: IbnuHasyim

Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana is the first hijabi pro wrestler in Malaysia and possibly the world! This 19-year-old started wrestling three years ago. 

According to The Sun Daily, Phoenix found out her passion for wrestling when she was only 14 years old. At that time, she would play wrestling video games with her younger brother. From there, she started to watch wrestling TV shows and became obsessed with the sport. She even attended her first live WWE event in KL.

“At 15 I saw my first live WWE event in KL at a convention. I then began looking online for wrestling and found MYPW which was known as Persatuan Gusti Malaysia back then. I immediately decided to join them, to train with them, and follow my dream to become a pro wrestler.” 

Phoenix (YOY Network)

Image credit: Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana’s Instagram

Phoenix added that although she is a girl and she wears a hijab, MYPW did not treat her differently. In fact, they were very welcoming. 

“Because they don’t treat me differently, I get to do the moves that I want to do, turn down moves that I can’t do, and I was encouraged to perform moves that I have no confidence in. It is an excellent experience.”

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Image credit: Astro Awani

If you are wondering why she is called ‘Phoenix’, her coach, Ayez Shaukat Fonseka was the one who told her to go with the title. 

“After just two months of training, I had to replace a wrestler at an event. I was so surprised because I had only just learned how to take a bump properly. I had not developed a persona at that time. I didn’t even have an outfit.

“So I went to a bundle shop, got pants and a leather vest top to go with my undersuit. But I still didn’t have an in-ring persona … and that’s when my coach said I should go with Phoenix. That’s also when he gave me a luchador mask to wear.”

Phoenix (Astro Awani)

Image credit: Astro Awani

At first, she started out wearing a luchador mask but had always wanted to wrestle while not wearing one. She was afraid that people would react negatively when seeing a girl wearing a hijab during wrestling. However, during a wrestling match in Singapore, she gained the confidence to wrestle unmasked letting the world know her new identity.

“My first wrestling match after being unmasked was in Singapore, at an SPW: Ladies Night (Singapore Wrestling) event. When the name Phoenix was announced, some folks were surprised that I was unmasked, and that I was a hijab-wearing girl. I surprised a lot of people that day, and I have not worn a mask to wrestle since.”

Although she wears a hijab, it does not stop Phoenix from pursuing her dream to become a pro wrestler.  We would like to wish her all the best in her future and that she continues to make Malaysia proud! To keep up with her recent updates, follow her at Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana

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