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Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings

It is always wonderful to have little guests at a wedding but for parents, it’s a whole different ballgame. Trust me, I know. While we adults want to catch up with friends, chug a beer or three, what do we do about our children though right? We gotta look for ways to keep em little critters busy so they don’t get in our way and drive us to insanity! So if you’re wedding invitation is open to children too, help us parents by including some kid-friendly entertainment that will make them feel included on your special day. We’ve gathered some fab ways on how to keep the little ones entertained during the big day:

Kid’s table

Kids table

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Having a kids table at your wedding is probably a brilliant idea. All the little monsters, I mean munchkins, can sit together on one table and have their own fun during the reception. The cooler the kids’ table is, the more entertained those little guests will be and more beers in peace for us parents!  


Treats (Hitched)

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We all know that kids LOVE treats. You can fill up little goodie bags with treats and pop them at each child’s seat to keep them happy. Whether they are candies or chocolates, treats at the reception can definitely cheer them up. Bonus if you can include a lil toy too. Sugar rush + toys = happy parents!  


Photobooth pinterest

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Having a separate kids-only photo booth will definitely keep them entertained. You can stock the photo booth with tons of dress-up items like hats or tutus and some photo props like moustache or funny eyes on a stick. They are going to have so much fun and us parents can too!

Bubble station


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Kids of all ages love bubbles. Heck, I’m a mother and I still love bubbles and bubbly. I mean, LIFE IS THE BUBBLES, amIright? (Ten points if you know where that came from.) Whether it’s from a bubble machine or individual bubble blowers, having a bubble station can avoid them from getting bored during the wedding. Plus, bubbles are inexpensive and make for cute photos! 

Craft area


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Turning one area into an art and craft space is also a great idea to keep kids entertained. Let them scribble away with colour pencils, pens and crayons on a table covered in brown paper. The little ones can even decorate their own picture frames. They can get their pictures from the photo booth to place inside the frames. 

Help us parents make your big day one that is filled with minimal screams, shouts and tantrums.

We hope you find these tips come in handy when you are expecting little guests during your wedding! If you ever need assistance in finding a venue or planning an event, go on and give us a call at +6016-7200 347 for assistance, or Toodles!

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