Music festival (Concert Ideas)

Fun Event Ideas For University Students

One of the most amazing aspects of going to university is the availability of new experiences for students to help broaden their horizons. Participating in on-campus events, for instance, allow students to engage with other people, help build relationships and understand different perspectives. These events play an important role in developing their social skills.

You can make your university life more memorable with these cool event ideas:

Community service

community service (niche)

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Community service not only benefits communities but stimulates personal growth as well. Students can team up with an organisation outside of campus or do it through their respective faculties to contribute to the community. For instance, tutoring at a high school, volunteer at the old folks home or organise a marathon where all proceeds go to a cause. 

TEDx talks

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Hosting a TEDx event at university is ideal as it can help students form connections and spark new ideas. Since professors and alumni would make great speakers, have them to help inspire students by giving the talk. It is a great way to source and celebrates innovation, insight, and new ideas from your university’s community. Choosing a venue like TGV Central i-City allows you to conduct TEDx talks for an event with small capacity. As for larger capacities, Eastin Grand Ballroom is ideal. 

International day

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An international day is an important event to celebrate all the different cultures and traditions represented within the university. It is a great opportunity for students to explore and learn more about other countries rich cultural heritage in order to help them develop an intercultural understanding. Students can organise dance performances, a fashion show of costumes from around the world and fun games such as eating contests.

Music festivals

Music festival (Concert Ideas)

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University is not just about late nights at the library or hitting the books. More memorable than these are music festivals which let students unwind from the busy campus life. Students can invite big-name artists or even offer local singers or bands the chance to perform and explore their talents. Let your audience enjoy an evening of music and socialising! Some of our venue options for you to host music festivals include StarXpo and Setia City Convention Centre or for smaller capacities check out Drum Asia Live and  Feel free to check them out!

Comedy shows

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Everyone loves a good laugh. You can hire a comedian or anyone who’s actually funny from campus to perform at your university comedy show. Nothing beats a comedian especially if students want to sit back, enjoy and get away from their busy schedule. Laughter is always the best medicine!

There you have it! If you ever need assistance in finding a venue to host these events? Hit us up and we will gladly assist you with finding the ideal venue for it! Give us a call or WhatsApp us at +6016-7200 347 for assistance, or visit Till next time!

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