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Things To Put In Corporate Goodie Bags People Won’t Throw Away

Goodie bags are a great opportunity to give attendees something useful to take home as well as to show off your company’s values. The gifts can be something your guests can make use of during the event or something else, as long as they are useful and memorable. 

Take a look at these corporate goodie bags ideas to keep your goodies from ending up in the bin!


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The most popular choice to put in your corporate goodie bags is food. Whether its cookies, chocolates, biscuits or any other snacks, most people appreciate a surprise food in their event goodie bags. We know how long conferences and meetings can be, so putting in snacks will give attendees something to munch on while keeping them from falling asleep!  

Personal items

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It is a good idea to put some personal items in your goodie bags. Consider including items like eye masks, lip balms or hand sanitizers to keep your guests clean and comfortable throughout the event. You can also put in toiletry items such as lotion, shampoo or body wash in travel-sized containers to help attendees feel at home, especially for those who stay far away.

Portable power banks

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Power banks are particularly useful at an all day event when attendees will most likely drain their phone batteries from taking photos or recording videos. Since most people tend to always be on the go, providing a power bank to extend their device’s battery life is definitely a life saver! 

Reusable bottles


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A cheaper and practical gift is reusable bottles. Attendees are bound to get thirsty at some point during your event, so giving out reusable water bottles can be really useful. Bottles are convenient to be carried around not only to an event but also to the gym and in the car during a long drive.  


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If you are thinking of a genuinely useful gift, backpacks are a good example. The backpack can be small to medium-sized and should be sturdy enough for everyday use. Instead of a simple paper bag that will be thrown away and never used again, why not spend a little more on a reusable backpack.  

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