5 Ways To Engage Your Audience During Workshops

Workshops are perfect for those who want to brainstorm new ideas or engage in intensive discussion on a particular topic. However, it can be a tough job to engage your audience as it requires a lot of energy from both the organisers as well as the participants. It is important that as organisers, you need to get people interested and give them a reason to listen in order to get them energized, engaged and participate actively throughout the workshop.  

We have gathered 5 useful ways to keep your audience engaged during workshops: 

Make it relevant

First and foremost, make sure that the content you are delivering to your audience is useful to them. We can’t expect them to pay attention to a session that doesn’t connect with them. They want to learn about a skill or concept that resonates with them and can potentially help them achieve their goals. If you are looking for a venue to host workshops, TGV 1 Utama is ideal. You will get to experience events like never before at this venue featuring state-of-the-art equipment suited for workshops! 

TGV CHILLX EVENT_91561369535

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Tell a story

One of the best ways to keep your attendees engaged is by telling stories that your audience can relate to. Using real examples can be really helpful! You can also bring humour to your stories and your audience will relate instantly to your experiences. A venue like Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Grand Ballroom allows you to host workshops up to 850 pax in a theatre seating style. For smaller workshops, you can opt for its executive lounge which can host up to 60pax. Eastin ballroom

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Incorporate different presentation styles

Keep in mind that different people have different learning styles. Some people are visual learners who prefer pictures, videos and diagrams while others are physical learners who prefer to move around and be involved in interactive tasks. Try to incorporate varying activities in your sessions so that all different learners will feel welcome. Choosing a venue like iSpace TTDI allows you to conduct workshops. The venue is a perfect choice as it offers all the facilities you need in every room.

iSpace TTDI

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Take breaks

Taking breaks during workshops is important, especially if they are long sessions. Give your audience a chance to get up and move around. You can also offer them water, coffee or snacks to keep them going! You can also host your workshop at a space like Lumineux by Skyark in KL. It is a unique event space that has a regular ceiling with lights inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman series to provide you with a truly unique experience during your event! Let them break out in dance for a bit, perhaps?

Lumineux Skyark

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Give praise and recognition

Attendees will be more motivated when they are given feedback and praises during the workshop. This will encourage them to keep contributing to the workshop if their efforts are recognised. At the end of every session, remember to also thank everyone for participating. A venue like UKM-GSB City Campus is ideal for workshops and as you can see, the tables and chairs are perfect for this!


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