TGV Cinemas Is Screening Iconic P. Ramlee Films This Merdeka and Malaysia Day

In conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations, TGV Cinemas is screening five classic and iconic P.Ramlee films to pay tribute to the legendary actor, Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

P. Ramlee’s films are known to have entertaining elements that are enjoyable by people of all ages. His timeless pieces are among the greatest and are worth to be watched, especially by generations to come.

“We’re pleased to work with Shaw Brothers to bring back some of P. Ramlee’s most memorable movies to the big screen. It is a great opportunity to re-introduce these great works of art to the younger generation and of course to all P. Ramlee fans like myself,” TGV Cinemas operations and marketing general manager Kabir A. Sultan said in a statement.

The Gemilang Vibes (rojakdaily)

Image credit: Rojak Daily

TGV Cinemas will be screening five of the national treasure’s iconic films which are Anakku Sazali, Nujum Pak Belalang, Labu Labi, Ibu Mertuaku and Madu Tiga as part of their “The Gemilang Vibes” campaign. The films will be screened from 24th August until 16th September at the following TGV locations: KLCC, Sunway Putra, D’Pulze, AU2, Bukit Indah, Station 18 and Gurney Paragon.

Gemilang MalayMail

Image credit: TGV Cinemas

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these black and white films being aired in theatres while you still can. Tickets are sold at an affordable price of RM7 so you don’t want to miss it! 

P/S: For every movie ticket you purchase at TGV on 31st August and 16th September, you will get your very own Jalur Gemilang!

Feel free to visit TGV Cinemas website for more information.

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