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How To Throw A Kickass Party On A Budget

Planning a party on a budget can be challenging but it’s an awesome journey. You don’t need a huge bank account to throw an impressive party. Being on a budget forces you to prioritize and allows your creativity to emerge. What your guests will remember most is the company and how much everyone enjoyed being with each other. 

Knowing how to throw a kickass party on a budget is always important if you don’t want to overspend! It’s time for us to share some trade secrets. You’re welcome. 

Hit up a budget supply store

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Instead of going to a party store where prices are hiked up, head to budget stores like Daiso or My DIY for your plates, napkins, cups and party decorations. It’s best to make a detailed list of what you need to buy before you shop because impulse buys are common in party planning!

Manage the menu

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When it comes to the food and drinks, aim for a simple and balanced menu. You don’t need to serve pricey cuts to impress your guests. Apart from the main course, a simple snack or appetizer, soup and a simple dessert make a great meal for your guests!

Let your guests pitch in


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Make your party a potluck if you are really strapped for cash. While you’ll be providing the main dish yourself, let everyone else comes with their favourite dish whether its appetizers, desserts or even a bottle of wine to share. Trust us, most people will be happy to contribute!

Get crafty

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DIY decorations are a great idea for your party without breaking the bank. Spending some time to decorate your place to make it more festive will enhance the ambience of your party even if you aren’t crafty. Whether you are decorating the backdrop, the food table or even the ceiling, DIY decors are easy, cheap and can be customised according to the theme of your party!

Create the mood

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Now that everything else is taken care of, the only thing left to do is to create the mood for an epic party! Create your own playlist for the atmosphere that you want. Your music collection and some basic speakers can go a long way. As for the lighting, you can add a few candles and dim the lights for a kickass party!

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