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5 Reasons Why First Birthday Party Matters

Congratulations, your baby just turned 1! Now it’s time to throw that first birthday bash and dress him/her up in the first birthday outfit. Some people might think that it would be better not to throw the first birthday party just to save money or for any other reasons; but believe us, you really should reconsider. Let us tell you why the first celebration matters:

It’s a milestone

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A first birthday party is such an important milestone in not only the baby’s life but the parents’ lives as well. The first year is definitely like no other. Many babies debut their walking skills right around their first birthdays. They might even say their first words already!

To make memories 

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Celebrating the first birthday bash gives you the chance to snap photos of your one-year-old tasting and smearing the cake for the first time. So get on that cake smash bandwagon, it might get messy but the pictures are priceless! So go ahead and capture the smiling faces of everyone and keep them in your memory box.

You survived the first year

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A year ago, just think about how tiny they were and how far they have come. The past year has taught you many new and valuable things about raising a family. Since you have successfully made through the first year of parenthood, this deserves a celebration! So do it for YOU!

An excuse to socialise

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When a couple becomes parents, the time they once have is prioritised which means, socialising time becomes a thing of the past! But since you survived the first year, gather your friends and their kids and have a ball! We know how first birthday parties are not really for the baby right? 😛 It’s more about the two people as well as the family that surrounds those people who helped the baby grow happy and healthy. Because honestly, it really does take a village! So go ahead and invite your family and close friends to the party.

A day to be cherished

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No matter whether you are young or old, birthdays are special and should be cherished. The first birthday is like the first chapter of a new story. Although your baby might not remember their first birthday bash, you will and there will be pictures for your lil one!

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