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How To Protect Yourself Against The Haze

Yes, the haze is back in our country and we are facing a health crisis once again. In fact, it is getting worse each day. Not only it is harmful to our health, but it is also affecting our eyesight as well. Just take a look outside and you know what we’re talking about. 

Before more and more people fall sick, let us take these precautions to protect ourselves during this haze season:

  • Stay indoors

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Clearly one of the best ways to protect yourself is to avoid going outdoors as much as possible. Since the air is not fit for breathing, it’s best to stay indoors. Remember to also keep your doors and windows closed. This will help to reduce the rate of haze particles entering your home.

  • Wear a mask

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If you must go outdoors, get your hands on N95 masks. The surgical masks will not be of much help as they can’t filter out the haze particles. Respiratory masks like the N95 ones are able to filter out airborne particles from the air you are inhaling. These respiratory masks are available at major pharmacies around you.

  • Hydrate yourself

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Haze contains a lot of harmful toxins that can irritate your throat. Make sure you remain hydrated throughout the day by drinking loads of water. It’s essential to increase your water intake to flush out toxins that your body absorbed through the skin and lungs. 

  • Use the air conditioner

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Haze is the perfect excuse to turn on your air conditioners. It can get stuffy and warm when you close all windows and doors. Air-conditioners or air purifiers can filter out pollutants and maintain a high quality of air in your home. Just make sure to clean the filters out to continue breathing in fresh air! 

  • Take medication

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Haze can cause some serious effects on your health. If you experience any symptoms such as headache, eye infection or throat infection, you might want to take the necessary medications to relieve them. Seek medical attention immediately if these symptoms worsen!

  • Take note of API readings

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Make sure you pay attention to the latest local air quality update. Taking note of this allows you to know whether it is safe to be outside or not. It is important to keep track of the air quality as recommended precautions are usually given based on the latest air condition.  

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