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Entertaining Event Ideas To Attract People To Your Bar

Hosting events is a great way to draw customers to your bar. Be it a monthly affair or a weekly once, plan out some inhouse events to keep your potential customers entertained! 

Starting with Captain Obvious:

  • Live music

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Music is life and people LOVE music. Whether it’s a jazz, pop, or a rock band, hire homegrown talents, we have aplenty! This way your customers are entertained AND you give these aspiring artists a platform to perform! You can also consider having an open mic session, to encourage more young blood!

  • Wine tastings

Bar 1 (The Art of Wine)

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If your bar is stocked up with wine, then perhaps hosting wine tastings will be a great way to attract wine enthusiasts. Make sure to pair the wine with delicious cheese! All you need to do is simply advertise some good deals on wines so they can sample multiple bottles at a discounted rate. Wine tasting events are also great networking events!

  • Charity events

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Hosting events that give back to the community is one of the ways to draw customers. Whether your bar wants to donate sales of a particular beer or even proceeds from the battle of the bands to any particular charity, you can always get creative to contribute to a charity. People are willing to do almost anything to support a good cause.

  • Theme nights

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People love theme nights. Blast some good songs and encourage people to dress up in their best attire depending on the theme. Whether it’s the 80’s, 90’s, Halloween or Christmas, they are going to have the time of their lives!

  • Bartenders face-off

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Have two of your bartenders’ face-off in a mixology battle. They can put on a show to highlight your bar’s drinks menu other than to show off their skills. 

  • Comedy night

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Other than live bands, you can also host local comedians to do stand-up comedy at your bar. People tend to stay longer during comedy shows. They can have fun and enjoy a good laugh after a long, busy day at work.

There you have it! If you ever need assistance in finding a venue or planning an event, go on and give us a call at +6016-7200 347 for assistance, or visit Toodles!



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