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Open Burning Is Now Banned In Malaysia Due To The Haze

When the haze condition in our country was getting worse, The Department of Environment (DOE) implemented a ban on open burning across the entire country except for cremation, religious purposes, grilling/barbecue and flaring. While the haze seems to be getting better, let’s not forget the weeks where we had to endure breathing in unhealthy air. 

Haze (Malay Mail)

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According to Malay Mail, it is banned temporarily until the end of the current monsoon season in an attempt to reduce the harmful effects of the haze. 

The ban was enforced by DOE Director-General Norlin Jaafar under the Environment Quality Act 1974. She said that offenders can be fined up to RM500,000 or sentenced to a jail term of no more than five years per offence. She also added that a maximum compound fine of RM2,000 can also be imposed for every offence.

“All quarters are advised against conducting open burning or allowing their land or premises to be encroached by irresponsible people who resort to open burning intentionally or unintentionally,” she said.

The air quality in Malaysia has worsened so much that open burning is now banned. According to the department’s Air Pollution Index (API), 21 areas across Malaysia are officially in the “unhealthy” air condition and Rompin, Pahang is reported to be in the “very unhealthy” range on Wednesday, September 10. 


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It was said by Energy, Science Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Yeo Bee Yin that the current dry spell and monsoonal winds have made the situation in Malaysia even worse. She also mentioned that “the federal government will attempt cloud seeding to mitigate once this is possible and continue urging Jakarta to accept help in combating the raging fires within its borders.”

Since the haze is back again, let’s take precautions to protect yourself against the haze. Make sure you stay indoors and remember not to conduct any open burning! We gotta do our part.

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Yes, the haze is back in our country