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6 Creative Fundraising Event Ideas To Raise Money

You’re most likely looking for fun and creative ways to raise money no matter what kind of charity or nonprofit you may be. It’s important that you reach your fundraising goals by choosing the right fundraising event that can generate major revenue and raise more awareness for your cause. 

To help you get started, here are 6 creative ideas for fundraising event success:

5K run

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A 5K run is a classic fundraising event to raise money for a good cause. If you want to make your run stand out, pick a unique location and theme or make a costume requirement for the participants. Host something that attracts people to join your fundraising run. A colour run, music run, or come up with your own!

Fashion show

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In order to raise money for a fundraising fashion show, you can partner with local venues and sell tickets. All you need to pull off this event is a floor space, some outfits and participants as models. You can ask them to create their own masterpieces or even reach out to local clothing stores or Insta shops to showcase their stuff.  

Bowling tournament

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Bowling is always a crowd-pleaser. Let each team pay an entry fee to participate in the tournament. Make sure it is all-inclusive – socks, shoes, bowling balls or any food and drinks combo you’d want to include. You can also set up booths that sell food, drinks and even merch in the bowling alley for extra funds –  as long as the venue is game. 

Silent auction

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Silent auctions are often held for fundraising events. Make sure you get creative with the auction items and have the baskets in many different price ranges. It is a great idea to bundle items together into themed silent auction baskets to help you get more bids and raise more money. Note that certain items that give experiences like all-inclusive trips, spa days and lessons tend to be popular!


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A carnival is always a fun and exciting way to get people to raise money for your cause. Make sure you have a bunch of fun games to offer. Consider getting inflatables or a dunk tank which aren’t very expensive to rent. Perhaps make up your own games instead of including expensive rides for a lower cost and more personalized event experience! 

Eating contest

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Another exciting event to raise money for a cause is having food eating contests for charity. Participants will compete to see who can eat the most of something. Whether you serve pizza, hotdogs or burgers, they can pay an entry fee to compete in the challenge. To cut down on your cost, solicit local restaurants or bakeries to donate food for the fundraiser.

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