Wedding Phone (Bridal and Formal)

Things You Should Not Do On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. After all the planning and preparation, you want to make sure it all goes down smoothly just as you’ve imagined. You only get this once so don’t even think of doing these things we are about to list down under any circumstances: 

Be in charge

Bride in charge

You’ve got enough to worry about so leave the role to someone else! Whether it’s regarding the guests, decor or any other thing that pops up at the very last minute, don’t try to manage all by yourself. Your only job is to get ready, enjoy and be stress-free! Pictured above is our Content Director, on her wedding day, sorting out her guestlist. I can’t even!

Wear new shoes

Wedding shoes (Easy weddings)

Image credit: Easy Weddings

This is important especially if you decide to wear heels on your wedding day. Make sure you wear your wedding shoes before the big day, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a few nasty blisters. Take the time to break them in by walking around several times until they feel good!

Get a massage

Wedding massage (Vancouver Massage Centre)

Image credit: Vancouver Massage Centre

While the thought of indulging in a massage on your wedding day sounds like a good idea, trust us, it’s not unless it’s done at least a week prior to the big day. While massages can be the most relaxing, you don’t want your body aching so much that you can’t get down on the dance floor later that night. 

Skip a meal

Wedding food (Voltaire Weddings)

Image credit: Voltaire Weddings

We know how excited (and nervous) you can get on your big day that there is a possibility that you’ll forget to eat. Just be sure to stay fueled and make time for your meals. A good meal will keep both your mood and energy level up for the rest of the day! 

Check your phone constantly

Wedding Phone (Bridal and Formal)

Image credit: Bridal and Formal

Try to answer as few phone calls and texts as possible to keep yourself from being distracted. We know how busy your phone can get with all that especially on your wedding day. It’s better to hand your phone to someone reliable to take care of it. Remember, live in the moment and stay present!

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